Gf Vip, Gegia and that dramatic episode that is part of his life: few know it

Although beloved, few know the dramatic episode that is part of Gegia’s life: what happened to the competitor of the GF Vip.

As Alfonso Signorini had already announced shortly before the seventh edition of the GF VIP started, this year’s reality show largely preferred exciting and moving stories over ‘billboard names’. We saw it, for example, with George Ciupilan, who although very young has a difficult past, but also with Gegia.

Gegia history. Credits: Mediaset

Born in Puglia in 1969, as a young girl Gegia decided to take a completely different professional path! Not only her, in fact, she begins to study dance, but alongside these studies she also adds those of piano. When she, however, she realizes that her great passion is neither dance nor music, her beloved Francesca Antonaci moves away completely from this world and begins to study acting, earning her diploma at the Academy of dramatic art by Pietro Scharoff. Then in 1979 she made her debut on the big screen and TV, stopping several years later.

Gegia is known for her acting career and for her funny roles, but perhaps not everyone knows that behind this ‘smile’ and ability to make people laugh there is something else.

Gegia experienced a dramatic moment: what happened to her

As well as some of his travel companions, too Gegia hides a rather dramatic story behind it. At the moment not much has been revealed about him yet, but we are sure that in the coming weeks and the ‘storm’ on Marco Bellavia calmed, Alfonso Signorini will give ample space to the remaining competitors and their stories.

While waiting to find out what all the competitors will have to tell, we cannot help but tell you about the dramatic moment that Gegia experienced some time ago. To date, very little is known about her private life. In fact, the actress told the GF Vip cameras that she had a story with Mehmet, but we don’t know much about this love story. Also because – according to what we learn from Fanpage – it would seem that the very young Turkish has blatantly denied the relationship.

Even before meeting him and having other engagements with men younger than her, Gegia was married to Maurizio Motta, the famous assistant of Jerry Calà. The wedding, however, was celebrated in 1987 and ended not long after. What happened? We do not know the real reason, but the couple had to face a dramatic event very soon: the abortion. In the course of her interview with Chi, she Gegia said she had lost the baby after only two weeks after the discovery of her pregnancy.

Gegia garden. Credits: Instagram

A decidedly dramatic moment, which certainly marked her. But were you aware of it?