GF Vip, Gegia without brakes on Marco Bellavia: now an ‘accusation’ appears

In conversation with Charlie Gnocchi, Gegia brings out a never revealed detail about Marco Bellavia: what the former competitor would have done.

The ghost of Marco Bellavia continues to hover over the Vipponi remained in the game. After the strong emotional wave unleashed on social networks by the public’s indignation for the behavior of competitors towards him, the topic held ground in the last two episodes of the program.

Gegia Marco all speechless (Credits: Big Brother Mediaset)

That which began on Monday 3 October was in fact a very difficult week for Alfonso Signorini, the production and all the inhabitants of the most spied house in Italy. Having learned of the seriousness of what is happening outside due to the conduct towards the former roommate, certainly the climate between them is not the most relaxed.

The story led to the disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghini, the elimination of Giovanni Ciacci from the televoting flash, the decision by Sara Manfuso to withdraw from the game and a thousand discontent among the competitors. Even yesterday evening was not a ‘walk’ and saw the conductor definitively lose his temper against the journalist until he invited her to leave the studio.

But first there was the moment dedicated to letter from Marco to the former companions of adventure: truly touching words, which expressed all the pain and suffering of the former face of Bim Bum Bam for the treatment received in the home. A letter that should have silenced even the most stubborn in error. Yet, there are still some of the Vippons who continue to talk about him and certainly not in a positive way. The latest shock statement goes back to this day and belongs to Gegia.

GF Vip, Gegia without control against Marco Bellavia: what comes out this time

As many will know, Gegia is among those who have treated Bellavia worse: several phrases of the actress that have left the audience thrilled in the days when the former Vippone was in the program. A highly criticized attitude on social networks and, above all, from Antonella Fiordelisi which has hurled itself several times against her accusing her of having no sensitivity.

The most recent clash between the two took place just yesterday morning in the garden. Attacked once again by the fencer, Gegia complained: “It looks like you want to fight. I was sorry that Giovanni came out, I was not sorry about Marco because I’m a bitch. […] This woman is merciless. Mamma mia, help me ”. In episode Antonella obviously also mentioned her, underlining that from a person with a degree in psychology she would have expected more empathy towards a person who suffers from her.

Days ago Gegia had explained that she did not want Marco in his own bed due to the crises to which he was subject, but today he added a truly disconcerting detail to his story. Speaking with Charlie Gnocchi near the dining table, the actress said: “With this fact, the Marco’s all say“ that’s me ** what Gegia is ”. But she wanted to do things in bed! So I told him that she was not well ”. An unexpected and very strong accusation, which certainly did not go unnoticed by the people of the web who promptly shared the video of the scene. “He wanted to do… Stay in bed with me. Yeah … I told him ‘are you crazy? You are not well’. I was kidding, yes. But I wouldn’t have done it anyway ”, said gieffina.

Gegia Marco Bellavia
Gegia displaces everyone (Credits: Instagram)

All that remains is to wait for further developments to understand if Bellavia will respond to this accusation. Did you follow the episode live last night?