GF Vip, Ginevra Lamborghini and the relationship with Elettra: a shocking truth emerges in the after episode

GF Vip, Ginevra Lamborghini and the relationship with her sister Elettra: a shocking truth emerges in the post-episode; what emerged in the house.

A start with a bang, that of the seventh edition of GF Vip. The most watched reality show on television started last night, Monday 19 September 2022 and, if a good day starts in the morning, crackling months await us.

Ginevra and Elettra (Credits Instagram)

The ‘vipponi’ chosen by Alfonso Signorini for this new edition promise sparks and, among these, there is also her, Geneva Lamborghini. As the surname suggests, it is the daughter of the famous entrepreneur Tonino Lamborghini, sister of the singer Elettra. And with the latter, Geneva has a relationship that is anything but idyllic. The two would have quarreled for several years, breaking off relations. The reason? Geneva was the one to tell some more details in yesterday’s post episode. Chatting with other competitors, Lamborghini revealed some details on the difficult relationship with the singer of Caramel. Following her words.

GF Vip, Ginevra Lamborghini on the quarrel with her sister Elettra:

After the missed participation in 2022, now there are no more doubts: Ginevra Lamborghini is one of the competitors of GF Vip 7. The Bolognese went through the red door just last night, during the first episode of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. And, just a few hours after you entered the Cinecittà House, you opened a thorny topic, which arouses particular interest in the public. Let’s talk about the conflictual relationship with his sister, the famous singer and tv personality Elettra Lamborghini. What is the real situation between them?

It was Geneva who explained it, confiding in some roommates at the end of yesterday’s episode. “Everyone tells me time passes and fix things. I don’t believe it, I think about how much time I’m wasting … I am thereand I write, but it blocked me everywhere, he blocked me on Instagram, on my phone, he blocked my friends ”, Geneva revealed, explaining that Elettra refuses to spend even the Christmas holidays with her. The competitor reveals that, although everyone has tried in every way to reconcile them, Elettra is firm in her decisions: “Everyone has tried, there is nothing to be done. Let’s make Christmas separate from 2019, I haven’t seen her and have no way to talk to her since 2019, and I tried in his letters and attempts “. But what is the reason for the quarrel between the two Lamborghini sisters?

geneva lamborghini elettra
Ginevra Lamborghini (Credits Instagram)

Antonella Fiordelisi asked for it in Geneva; here is the answer: “I don’t know either, but I don’t think she does either. It was born out of stupidity, but no quarrel was born, there was a clear break ”. Will Electra reply to her older sister’s words by providing her version of her facts?