Gf Vip, Giovanni Ciacci outside the house after the Bellavia case – Video

The costume designer loses the flash televoting with Elenoire Ferruzzi, Gegia and Patrizia Rossetti

Giovanni Ciacci outside the house of Big Brother Vip 7. After the disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghini for the sentence against Marco Bellavia (“One deserves to be bullied”), considered the most serious of the production, the conductor Alfonso Signorini announced a second punitive measure: a televoting flash of the competitors who had become the protagonists of some unpleasant phrases or behaviors. Giovanni Ciacci, Patrizia Rossetti, Elenoire Ferruzzi and Gegia the nominated.

The costume designer was therefore the least voted. “I’m sorry, I didn’t really notice. I lived it badly because of the nomination he had made me and I answered in a certain way”, the first words of Giovanni Ciacci arriving in the studio.

Already on social media the public had risen against the ‘pack’ of Vippons who have railed and mocked the suffering and his psychological state of Marco Bellavia, making a compact front in defending the former conductor of ‘Bim Bum Bam’.