GF Vip, has left the house: “I want to meet Marco”, the last words before leaving

At GF Vip the story of Marco Bellavia upset the atmosphere at home: after the resumption of the live broadcast, someone left the game.

This seventh edition of the GF Vip continues to reserve twists. The story of Marco Bellavia it was a terrible blow for the competitors, obviously unaware of the media echo that such behavior could have produced.

GF Vip competitor exits (Credits: Grande Fratello Mediaset)

After the episode on Monday 3 October, with Ginevra Lamborghini disqualified and Giovanni Ciacci eliminated in the flash televoting, the ‘Vipponi’ continued to talk about it at home. Patrizia Rossetti, saved from the risk of going out, after the direct she vented to Sara Manfuso saying she wanted to leave in the light of what happened. “We didn’t kill anyone,” commented the presenter.

Another very curious episode happened this afternoon: the live broadcast on Mediaset Extra was suddenly interrupted for three hours. A very anomalous time frame of which, it can be said, there are no precedents in the history of reality TV. In the meantime, a replica of some images of the day before was transmitted and the writing that justified the failure with a technical problem appeared on the superimposition.

A little while ago the public was finally able to return to follow the ‘Vipponi’ in live mode and it was then that they learned of theabandonment of the game by a competitor.

GF Vip, twist: he left the program

Rossetti was not the only one to complain about the treatment received during the last episode. Also Sara Manfuso he had already expressed his will to leave during the Monday broadcast, remember? Sonia Bruganelli he had in fact pointed out to her the lack of empathy he had towards Bellavia, which surprised her considering the values ​​of which she has always said she was a supporter.

A note that the journalist had not tolerated as she has always been in favor of the fight against bullying. After the episode, however, Bruganelli shared a video on Twitter in which the competitor made fun of the subject. “Here is the little woman with sound principles who profess empathy and collaboration”, wrote the columnist accompanying the images, essentially giving them a hypocrite. During the interruption of the live broadcast today, Bonolis’s wife then sarcastically commented on the possibility of Sara’s exit: “It would be a serious loss”.

However, Manfuso has really left the house: it was one of the first images that appeared after the resumption of the live: “I didn’t want to betray my story. We are not all shits, we are dignified people who struggle. I also want to meet Marco when he leaves, ”she said before leaving the red door behind forever.

GF Vip has dropped out
GF Vip leaves the program (Credits: Grande Fratello Mediaset)

What other twists await us in this chaotic and complicated edition of the GF Vip?