GF Vip, how Antonino Spinalbese has changed: the photo before becoming known will leave you speechless

GF Vip, how has Antonino Spinalbese changed: this is a photo taken before he became known, would you have recognized him like this?

The seventh edition of Big Brother Vip started in September. The twists and turns in the reality show have been many since the beginning, starting from the case that saw Marco Bellavia at the center of attention. The former competitor had spoken of his mental problems, had asked for help from the other roommates, finding only a behavior full of indifference and often arrogance.

Antonino, how it was (credits: instagram)

He thus decided to leave, but there were consequences, such as the disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghini for the phrase ‘deserves to be bullied’ and a flash televoting episode which saw Giovanni Ciacci leave. In recent days what no one could have imagined has happened, the covid has entered the house. Initially to have contracted it were Patrizia Rossetti, Charlie Gnocchi, Luca Onestini and Attilio Romita.

They were placed in solitary confinement. A few days later Wilma Goich and Alberto De Pisis also tested positive. In the last hours 5 competitors have returned home, only Alberto is missing at the moment. During one of the last live broadcasts, Alfonso Signorini requested the doctor’s comment. The latter reported that despite the swabs and checks, someone with covid, being asymptomatic, would have given a negative result. Meanwhile, the other competitors, not without fear, are moving forward with their journey. Antonino Spinalbese, former partner of Belen Rodriguez, is getting noticed. It has become known since the relationship then ended with the showgirl came to the surface but Have you ever seen how it was before then?

GF Vip, how Antonino Spinalbese has changed: the photo before becoming known will leave you speechless

Antonino Spinalbese is a competitor of the GF Vip. He entered the reality show at the beginning and immediately stood out. It has been popular since his relationship with Belen Rodriguez, which ended, became known to the public. The former couple shared more than a year together and the relationship led to the birth of a girl, Luna Marì.

They haven’t been together for a long time. Antonino worked as a hairdresser. In the house he seemed to have bonded with Oriana. There were several kisses and effusions under the covers. He didn’t hide her interest, calling her a very sweet person, only to change his mind in the last few hours. The contestant is a handsome boy, but what was it like before it became known to everyone?

how Antonino Spinalbese has changed
How has it changed (credits. instagram)

This is a photo from a few years ago, exactly from 2019, taken from his very popular instagram profile today. She was definitely younger, even if a little time has passed and her features are less mature than today. He didn’t have a beard like now and even his style looks different. It wouldn’t have been difficult to recognize him, apart from the details the competitor is practically the same. Are you following his path? You like it?