Gf Vip, “I don’t accept teasing”: it is already a heated battle in the house

GF Vip, “I don’t accept teasing”: it is already a heated battle in the most spied on TV house; what happened after the second episode.

The second episode of the seventh edition of the GF Vip. An edition that promises to be crackling: everything has already happened in a few days! And, even during the live broadcast last night, there was no lack of emotions.

Cast GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Play)

They are not lacking either discussions, especially on the thorniest topic ever in the house of GF Vip: the nominations. After the episode, however, a new clash was born between two inhabitants of the house, for a reason that has nothing to do with the game .. Let’s find out what happened between the two competitors.

“I don’t accept teasing”: they begin in misunderstandings at the GF Vip

A good feeling was born between the two, in the house of the GF Vip: a relationship made up of jokes, jokes and complicity. However, something went wrong after a few days and the two competitors have been discussing in the past few hours. Who are we talking about and what happened in detail?

Of Elenoire Ferruzzi and Luca Salatino! After last night’s episode, the two talked, clarifying some points. The former tronista of Men and Women wanted to clarify that, while loving Elenoire very much, it is a simple friendship. The latter, however, seems to have interpreted the Roman’s attentions differently: “I am a person who still has feelings and can still feel attraction and interest in someone. Was it a game for you? Okay, ok …“. For his part, Luca also wanted to reiterate with his other companions that he was happily engaged and that he hadn’t made Ferruzzi believe anything different: “Do not get the wrong messages that I make a mess. Ferruzzi, however, is of another opinion ..

In a chat in the room with Sara Manfuso, Elenoire reiterated that she had perceived some signals from the former face of Men and Women. Not only that, Ferruzzi said she wanted to monitor Luca’s behavior with the other roommates, to understand how he relates to the others. “I forgive everything, because in life it is right to forgive, because it is synonymous with respect. But no, I don’t accept that teasing “, Elenoire concluded, underlining that she was sorry to no longer see the harmony that had been created before.

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Elenoire Ferruzzi (Credits Mediaset Play)

In short, at least for the moment, it seems that the relationship between the two ‘Vippons’ has suffered a setback. Will they be able to clear up in the next few hours or will there be new quarrels? We just have to wait for news directly from the house to find out. Keep following us for all the updates.