GF Vip, “I fell in love with you”: comes out after the episode

Confession in the night at the GF Vip: after the episode the competitor collapses and declares his feelings, what will be the consequences?

After two and a half months in the house, lived in symbiosis 24 hours a day, al GF Vip we begin to ‘discover the altars’: the confession that came this night from one of the competitors is proof of this.

GF Vip, “I fell in love with you”: ‘bomb’ confession after the episode (Instagram)

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As always, even last night a large space of the episode was reserved for Alex-Delia-Soleil triangle. The actor and the former suitor of Men and Women were the protagonists of a long and discussed kiss during the representation of the Trandot on Saturday night.

A kiss that for many was absolutely not just ‘scenic’, but the expression of a relationship that goes far beyond friendship, as always professed by Alex Belli. Soleil herself seemed to no longer bear the obstinacy with which the roommate denies the real nature of their relationship and when he said that it is not the cameras that are holding him back but simply a lack of interest in her, it was obvious in the eyes of all the disappointment of the gieffina.

Late at night, however, what had been in the air for some time finally happened.

GF Vip, Alex Belli without brakes: the confession arrives after the episode

“You saw me dazed but it was because you said bullshit. You said ‘the cameras wouldn’t hold me back if I was interested’. We don’t play like that, you know very well, ”he said Soleil clear and round to Belli.

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A push on the accelerator also contributed Sophie Codegoni who in the sauna expressed her thoughts to the actor very directly: “She is interested and a little annoyed by the fact that you keep saying that for you it is only friendship. I see this thing from you, very clean. There is a real interest in my opinion and maybe it is from both of us ”.

The former tronista then also spoke with Sorge to help her clarify: “Do you want the pure truth Sophie? Yes, of course we stop for the cameras. Obviously we modulate ourselves for the cameras ”, Soleil admitted.

In the middle of the night, Alex finally confessed how he feels about the Italian-American: “I thought I could handle you, but I can’t. I’ve been hiding everything for this time. We joked not knowing that all this could get out of hand ”.

Certainly not an easy situation, for which the actor thinks it is better to leave the program: “There is no conclusion between us. There are two cases: either we live the thing and get back on track and live our world there, or I leave here. In this second case I would let you do your own path and I’m sure you would be much better “.

In short, Belli this time was really clear to the end. In fact, he added: “If I fell in love with you it is because I saw this sweetness … and I love this facet of yours, as I love all the others you have”.

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GF Vip after the episode
Photo source: Mediaset Infinity

At this point, the question is more legitimate than ever: how will Delia react?