GF Vip, “I like it”: he openly admits his interest in his roommate

GF Vip, “I like it”: openly admits interest in her roommate; what happened in the most watched house on TV.

The GF Vip it literally started a few days ago but everything has already happened in the Cinecittà house. The cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini for the seventh edition of the reality show has all the credentials to give us some really crackling months.

GF Vip 7 (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Viewers can’t wait to discover the first alliances and the first rivalries and, of course, everyone expects love stories to be born again this year. Whether they are short flirtations or real feelings, many couples have been born in the most spied house on TV. Will it happen to any of the new Vippos too? One thing is certain: there are already those he has his eye on a roommate and does absolutely nothing to hide it. Let’s find out what happened in the past few hours.

“I like it”: the confession arrives in the house of the GF Vip

No time is wasted at GF Vip 7. After a few hours of living together in the most watched house on TV, the first discussion between the new competitors has already broken out. As always, one of the thorniest topics in the house is the one related to weekly shopping and food: it’s really hard to get all those people to agree! And, in a few days, the first complicity and what seem to be the first friendships have already been born. Will love stories also arise?

It is too early to say, but there is a competitor who has already admitted that she is particularly interested in one of the Vippos. Which seems to be exactly the ideal type of her. Who are we talking about? Of Elenoire Ferruzzi, who admitted to taking quite a bit of interest in Luca Salatino. The two competitors have established a relationship made up of jokes and jokes, but Ferruzzi seems to be almost already in love with the nice Roman. She also openly revealed it to her roommate Antonella Fiordelisi: “I like”. The Salerno woman underlined how Luca is the prototype of Elenoire’s man, which confirms the words of the fencer. We remember, however, that Luca is engaged!

The tronista has been linked for four months to Soraia, the suitor he met and chose in the study of Men and Women. A fairytale love, the one that binds them, to the point that the Roman has already cried at home for the lack of half of him. Elenoire, however, does not seem to be worried at all about this: will she officially start the courtship?

gf vip i like it
Elenoire Ferruzzi (Instagram Credits)

We just have to wait for the next few hours to find out how the situation will evolve. We remind you that tonight, Thursday 22 September 2022, the second appointment with GF Vip will be broadcast, which will return live on Canale 5 starting at around 9:40 pm. New Vippons will enter the house, stay tuned!