Gf Vip, “I want to become a mother”: she blows everyone away with this message

The protagonist of the Gf Vip surprised everyone with this message: “I want to become a mother”, here are her words

No one would have expected such a statement. The woman really surprised everyone, especially the audience of the famous Canale 5 reality show. Her words will surely cause discussion.

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Gf Vip, his message displaces everyone: here’s what he said (Source: Facebook)

Gf Vip, his message displaces everyone: what he said

She is one of the protagonists of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip, reality show broadcast on Canale 5 and hosted by Alfonso Signorini. Although she has never entered the most spied-on house in Italy as a competitor, she has made a lot of talk about herself, both inside and outside the walls of Cinecittà.

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He has also recently released some statements that have blown the public by surprise. The woman confessed her desire to become a mother. His confession left viewers speechless, also because it arrived suddenly.
Are you curious to know who we are talking about? If so, keep reading the article. Below we reveal the identity of the woman, bringing you her words.

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Delia Duran is in fact one of the protagonists of the sixth edition of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. Alex Belli’s wife never became a competitor of the Gf Vip to all intents and purposes, but it has always been talked about. Now, however, she is preparing to enter the most spied house in Italy, becoming a new one competitor of the reality show.


Before entering the house, however, she wanted to leave a message for her husband. Directly from the pages of Novella 2000, Delia writes a letter to Alex: “I forgave you and gave you another chance. Whoever loves forgives, but does not forget. For this reason I decided to give you a task: to win me back, to show me every day how much you care about me, how much you love me “.

The future contestant of the reality show then added: “I have so much faith that time will take care of fixing everything… and then take our second step. The most important step, to become a parent, to become the mother of your children as much as I want and want. It is our greatest dream, and the most beautiful thing that God can give us “.