GF Vip, “I want to see you outside”: kisses and hugs on the sofa, is a new couple born?

The birth of a new couple seems more and more real to GF Vip: the two competitors are closer each day, words leave no doubt.

If the house of the GF Vip 6 these days it is ‘inflamed’ by the Sophie-Alessandro-Jessica triangle, some other competitor certainly does not stand by and watch. Everyone can see the agreement that has existed for weeks between two other tenants who, apparently, will reserve us many twists.

GF Vip 6, “I want to see you outside”: kisses and hugs on the sofa, is a new couple born? (Mediaset Infinity)

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We are talking about the obvious feeling between Mirian Trevisan and Biagio D’Anelli that every day seems to consolidate more and more. After Nicola Pisu’s exit, the former star of Non è la Rai has let herself go a lot with Biagio, who has returned to the Cinecittà house 10 years after his participation in GF 11.

Having entered the game a few weeks ago, at the time of his entry D’Anelli was engaged to Silvana Curcio, an Italian entrepreneur who lives and works in Germany. Yet, the gieffino seems more and more involved with Trevisan and she does not seem to be less taken, so much so that she has expressed her jealousy for too confidential attitudes with other Vippone.

So let’s see what happened between them in the last few hours.

GF Vip, new couple on the way? Biagio’s words for Miriana displace

Annoyed by Miriana’s reaction, D’Anelli even said: “I publicly leave my girlfriend and do as I want. I mean I’m single. I don’t have to give an account to you, I don’t have to give an account to her, I have to give an account only to myself ”.

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In reality, however, the gieffino seems to be more than willing to attend the roommate even outside the most spied on house in Italy. After the various you kiss die These days, the two a few hours ago on the sofa said important words that let us glimpse a possible future: “I want to see you outside”, Biagio told her and then added: “I love you immense”.

Also, the contestant hinted at closing with the girlfriend.

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GF Vip new couple
Photo source: Instagram

What do you think is going to happen? Will there be a confrontation between Biagio and the ex-girlfriend?