GF Vip, “If you have problems why don’t you do like Marco”: a bad discussion breaks out between the competitors

GF Vip, “If you have problems you should have done like Marco”: a new discussion breaks out between the competitors at home just after the episode.

On Thursday 6 October there was a new episode of Big Brother Vip. Alfonso Signorini opened the direct talking about Marco Bellavia. The former competitor sent a letter addressed to the competitors in the house. He was not present, but as the host reported, he could arrive next week.

GF Vip, discussion (credits: mediaset play)

Then there was a surprise for them. Ginevra Lamborghini, disqualified in the last episode, entered the house to greet Antonino. She had formed a special bond with him and she then greeted the others together. Everything happened in the studio. Sara Manfuso, speaking of her about her departure, told Signorini that he had not protected her. She accused Ciacci of touching her backside and of being hurt by the phrase ‘let’s simulate sexual violence’. Sara explained that she Signorini knew that in the past she had been a victim and therefore she expected to be protected.

Chaos has broken out. Signorini kicked out the former competitor of the studio and then sent live the video of what had happened. Immediately after the episode, at home they found themselves talking about this and that and what happened. In the meantime, a strong discussion arose that had several aftermaths.

GF Vip, in the night a discussion breaks out between the competitors: “Shame on you”

In the house of GF Vip, every moment is animated by a discussion or confrontation. The cast more often teases and the harmony is often broken. After last night’s episode, the competitors got to talk and be together during the night. At one point Pamela asked for a private room because she wasn’t feeling very well.

Patrizia did not take this choice well and vented: “That one pretends to faint and pretends to cry. In the long run one sees character and falsity“. It would seem that between Rossetti and Prati the quarrel broke out shortly before and that the two spoke very strong words. The first one she continued to talk in the garden with Wilma, Carolina and Cristina and she told what she said in the confessional: “I said make audience with Pamela Prati, hold on to her, let her win ‘, who has already made a figure of m *** 7 years ago “.

gf vip discussion
Pamela-Patrizia discussion (credits: twitter)

While speaking Pamela heard and approached: “You don’t know me, I don’t allow myself to judge. You told me Belfagor, you told me that I am false, you sent me to that country and to go to f ** k ”. The showgirl invited the roommate to go to the confessional and Patrizia made it known that she was already gone: “Do you think you have an honest attitude towards other competitors? “and Prati said: “But what do you know about what I said ?!”, with Rossetti’s question and answer: “But if you have problems then why don’t you do as Marco, because you haven’t been at home, sorry eh “. A discussion that seems to have found no meeting.