GF Vip, “In the confessional they told me …”: a sensational detail appears on the dispute

The unexpected revelation of a competitor of the GF Vip about the conversation with the authors in the confessional: what emerged.

The current edition of the GF Vip it hasn’t even turned a month old, but it has already proved to be perhaps the most complicated ever. In addition to the sad story of Marco Bellaviawhose aftermath are still evident, each of the ‘Vipponi’ is showing a personality that certainly does not facilitate forced coexistence.

GF Vip competitor conversation (Credits: Grande Fratello Mediaset)

If chaos broke out in the house last night between Luca Salatino and two other roommates for criticism of the cook’s behavior towards his girlfriend Soraya, the other night we saw him go on a rampage Patrizia Rossetti who literally blurted out against Alfonso Signorini after the prime time direct and sent him to that country.

The reason for the anger of the presenter was the decision of the production to grant a room with private bathroom to Pamela Prati: “With all my affection, I also love you, but why do you deserve a single room? I, on the other hand, who did not sleep the first two weeks, did I sleep on all the sofas in the house, at the age of 63? “.

The former Bagaglino star then intervened and the two fought heavily. Another senior ‘Vippona’ expressed her opinion on her story, who reported to other roommates the words that the authors said to her in the confessional.

GF Vip, competitor reveals the conversation with the authors: what happened in the confessional

According to Biccy, Wilma Goich he talked about the subject and revealed a detail on the quarrel between Rossetti and Prati: “I know which side I am between the two of them. Up to now I have held back on everything, but from tomorrow we will change. You don’t know me well, but outside I’m a big bullshitter and one of the big ones, ”admitted the singer.

She then revealed what the authors told her about it in the secret of the confessional: “Do you think that in the confessional they told me ‘you who have a longer and greater career than others complain less’. But you will see now … Now we change get ready that I shoot everything I think and nobody stops me ”.

GF Vip confessional
GF Vip told everything (Credits: Instagram)

What will Goich have in mind?