GF Vip, it happens after Marco’s exit: “Go away to f ******”, the competitor’s accusation generates chaos

Gf Vip, Marco’s exit provokes a strong discussion between the two competitors: “Go away af ***** va”.

In these hours chaos has happened in the house of Big Brother Vip but above all outside. Marco Bellavia has decided to leave the reality show. The former competitor had confided in his health problems. Before leaving he had talked to Antonella Fiordelisi about his panic attacks on the subway.

Gf vip, Marco’s release (credits: twitter)

He had left some sort of plea for help. In recent times he had realized that he was very empathetic and was aware of the fact that he needed others to be able to overcome his problems. He request that apparently she was not caught by everyone in the house. The public sided with Bellavia and chaos broke out on social media. Many hoped she would stay but several times the behavior of others managed to scratch her problems even more.

The only one who gave him his hand was Antonella who immediately after learning the news of his exit took sides against the behavior of her roommates. His statements led to a very strong argument.

GF Vip, it happens after Marco’s exit: strong discussion at home

After Marco Bellavia left at home, they had the opportunity to talk about what happened several times. Ginevra Lamborghini somehow felt the guilt of making a mistake and she apologized. A few hours earlier she had uttered a very strong phrase towards her. Elettra’s sister had said while talking to the others that Marco deserved to be bullied for some of his gestures which, seen by the competitor, went further.

Phrase that has caused chaos, many on the web have lined up against the competitor but also against all the others for the lack of empathy shown. After Marco’s exit, the tension in the house has not subsided and a new confrontation has ignited. Antonella Fiordelisi just after learning of her abandonment reported that she had to apologize and that her exit was due to the behavior of others towards her. Words that opened the discussion with Gegia, in which Wilma also entered.

gf vip marco exit
GF vip, discussion (credits: twitter)

Fiordelisi accused Gegia of telling Marco to leave the program. The competitor, on the other hand, replied that it is not true: “This one invents things, but go f ***** go “. Wilma also didn’t hold back: “Calm down Antonella “. Antonella left but the confrontation continued with Gegia who said that she tells lies and that she does it to be put in the middle in the episode: “Then she got in the way she didn’t complain if one appoints her”Wilma reported. A discussion that does not seem to have found any meeting point.