GF Vip, it is a clash in the night between the two competitors: the audio is not obscured

Big Brother Vip, in the night the clash between the two competitors, words in the wind and the unobscured audio: what did you hear

The Big Brother Vip never ceases to capture the public with the events and twists that involve the VIP competitors. The last episode, the tenth to be exact which saw theelimination of Cristina Quaranta, aired last night, Thursday 20 October and entertained viewers with heated comparisons. So much so that even those that occurred late at night were heard, when the lights in the Mediaset television studios had now gone out.

Gf vip: clash between competitors (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

The return of Marco Bellavia in the studio, it sparked a bit of controversy for someone. The former competitor, who as we recall had abandoned the house of Big Brother Vip due to a huge malaise that he carried within him and unfortunately not understood by the tenants of the Cinecittà house, just yesterday made his return to the studio. As we all expected, Marco Bellavia had a comparison with competitorsi inside and outside the house. But shortly after the end of the episode, here comes the clash between the two competitors. The reason that led the two VIP competitors to quarrel would have been the question that arose regarding a probable return of Marco Bellavia inside the house. At that point, the two competitors could not help but quarrel. And it all happened with open microphones! The audio coming from the rooms was not obscured, and so some videos recording the content of the dispute between the two competitors were shared around on social media, including Twitter.

Big Brother Vip, the clash between the two competitors: “You have to stop being an all-rounder of this shit”, the quarrel with microphones on

Perhaps impetuous images that led the editorial staff to obscure, at least in video, what was actually happening in one of the rooms inside the house. The clash between the two competitors, however, was heard by many, and in no time at all, the video that contains the audio that demonstrates what the two litigants said to each other ended up online in a short time. Amaurys Perez and Charlie Gnocchi they paid no attention to all this, and in the night they ended up in a rather stormy quarrel. The reason?

At the end of the episode the Vippos discussed the possibility for Marco Bellavia to return to the home of Big Brother Vip. Everyone could have expressed their opinion, but at that point, Charlie Gnocchi never saw us again and railed against Amaurys and the others, inviting them not to talk about Marco Bellavia again because of the bad figure that made them protagonists a few weeks. does. Bad figure who has marked this edition as one of the worst if we want, given the ‘not very human’ message that they let through. Amaurys Perez, however, made it known to the competitor that he did not intend to stop talking and speak out about him .. From there a heated ‘confrontation’ started. “You gotta stop being a whistleblower with this shit. If you are not an all-rounder, do not interfere, do not get close “.

competitors clash
GF VIP: Amaurys and Charlie Gnocchi (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

At that point, however, also Charlie Gnocchi no longer hesitated to have his say and said that Amaurys is angry with him for other reasons, the two have not been getting along for days and that this was only the straw that broke the camel’s back.