GF Vip, it is chaos among the competitors during the commercial: “But how dare you?”

GF vip, chaos breaks out among the competitors during the commercial break: “You have problems!”.

A new episode of GF Vip kept viewers glued to the television. For the first time after years of silence, Pamela Prati told the whole truth about the Mark Caltagirone case. The contestant explained that she met him in a restaurant frequented by celebrities from the world of entertainment.

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The scammers told her that he had broken up with a woman with whom he had adopted a child with a tumor in the throat. Story that deeply touched the showgirl. She explained that they felt around 24 hours a day and that they made love on the phone. She also once met the baby, Sebastian. Only later did she discover that he was an actor. Pamela reported that she did not want to go to Mara Venier, the very first time, to tell this story. It was fortunate to go there because the question opened up and over time, discovering the truth, she was able to get out of it. This is not the only theme addressed in the episode.

During the week Carolina clashed with Patrizia Rossetti and Wilma Goich. Live there was talk of what happened and the birth of a new clash was inevitable. During the advertisement a new quarrel broke out so much that Signorini himself took up the discussion again.

GF vip, a heated argument breaks out during the break: “You have problems, trust me”

At Big Brother Vip a quarrel or confrontation breaks out every day. During the week there was the clash between Luca Salatino with Cristina and Elenoire. The competitor has had a small slump and has communicated several times that he wants to quit the game. Live Alfonso showed him the message of his girlfriend. A way to cheer him up too, which seems to have had his results.

This is not the only dynamic that has caught the attention of viewers. There was also a strong bickering between Carolina, Wilma and Patrizia. In the days before, Marconi accused the two competitors of being two ‘ugly hyenas’ when they get angry. You had a discussion with Goich about apples. As reported by Carolina, Gegia had asked Wilma to take one and she said no. Gesture that provoked the reaction of the first. It would seem that between the two there is not all this sympathy and a strong clash was born in the episode. Clash that continued even during the commercial break.

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Gf vip, chaos (credits: instagram)

Carolina continued to highlight the refusal of apples: “You attack everyone from morning to night. You also treated Giaele and Gegia badly. You were very mean to Gegia that you kicked her out of the kitchen “. Wilma, on the other hand, reported that she did not go quite like this and that immediately afterwards Gegia ate her apple: “You are not well, trust me “he repeated several times, with Carolina’s back and forth: “But how dare you?“.