Gf Vip, Katia and Sophie at loggerheads: heated discussion immediately after the episode

Gf Vip, the discussion breaks out immediately after the episode: Katia and Sophie clash for the nominations.

Tonight there will be a new episode of Big Brother Vip and, as happens every time, many twists await us. In the last episode, on televoting we found Sophie, Carmen, Katia and Miriana. It wasn’t elimination. Miriana was the crowd’s favorite, but the other contestants believed she had been eliminated for a few minutes.

Gf Vip, quarrel between Katia and Sophie after the episode (source instagram)

She returned and to the amazement of those present she revealed the surprise. Also for this evening the televoting is all female. To clash we find Carmen, Lulù, Clarissa, Manila and Soleil: who will be eliminated? Just the nominations led to discussions immediately after the episode on Friday. Particularly, between Katia and Sophie there was a tough bickering. But what is the reason? Let’s find out together.

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Gf Vip, the discussion breaks out at home: Katia and Sophie at loggerheads after the episode

Last Friday there was the long-awaited confrontation between Alex Belli and his wife Delia Duran. We know that the woman did not like the attitude of her partner, in particular linked to his relationship with Soleil. In the live broadcast on Friday, however, it seems that the clarification has arrived between the two.

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The moment of nominations always creates small disagreements and misunderstandings become stronger and stronger. Also this time, like last time, televoting is all female. Carmen, Soleil, Manila, Lulù and Clarissa are nominated. But immediately after the broadcast, there was a discussion about the nominations made. The bickering started first between Soleil and Sophie, but a few minutes later, Katia was the protagonist together with the former tronista of Men and Women.

Gf Vip
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But what is the reason? Many, and even Katia, have accused Sophie and other people of joining forces to vote for Manila. The 19-year-old, for her part, reiterated several times that this was not the case, otherwise she should have thought this even when she was nominated by several people together. “There are two choices either to be honest or to be parac ***”, Sophie and Katia said: “I’m not as silly as you are“. The former tronist said he can’t be told who he should name, because no matter what happens, his roommates are always ready to judge, all day long.