GF Vip, Katia Ricciarelli is furious: “Shame on you”, very harsh words

Hustle and bustle at GF Vip, Katia Ricciarelli is furious during Christmas Eve: “be ashamed”, very harsh words.

The Christmas atmosphere is also felt inside the house of Big Brother Vip, even if just during the eve of Christmas, the vippona Katia Ricciarelli gets mad at another roommate. What happened?

GF Vip, Katia Ricciarelli is furious: “be ashamed” (Source Instagram)

Katia Ricciarelli she is a woman with a truly amazing artistic career behind her, and her character is no less. Often there have been occasions in which Ricciarelli did not send them to say, arriving at a clash with more than one person inside the house. The occasion that this time really made the opera singer lose her temper was the noise of a hairdryer in the background, while they were rehearsing the Christmas carols. “Shame on you, it’s a lack of respect” the woman rails, who obviously is not used to living with so many people who are not identical to her.

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GF Vip: Katia Ricciarelli is furious!

Calm is not a constant inside the most watched house in Italy, and the ‘grandmother’ of the house takes care of adding wood to the fire, Katia Ricciarelli. Her temper is by no means easy, and she is sometimes grumpy even when she doesn’t want to be. The great generational gap that she sees compared to other Vippos is also evident, and often provokes quarrels. This time the ‘victim’ of the nervousness of Katia Ricciarelli is Lulu Hailé Selassié.

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GF Vip Katia Ricciarelli is furious
Source Instagram

The occasion was proof for the Christmas carols that the contestants of the GF Vip they would sing. Obviously Ricciarelli, being a singer with all the trimmings, took the situation in hand by coordinating all the others. Shortly after, however, Katia hears a background noise that annoys her, and when she discovers that it was Lulu who was using the hairdryer, she blurts out. “Shame on you girls, I tell you with all my heart. Out of respect for others and myself, be ashamed. We also have reasons if we want ”. Probably this last sentence refers to the nominations “And I will do them, because this is a lack of respect, and I broke” concludes Ricciarelli impatiently.

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A harsh release from Katia Ricciarelli who evidently feels very close to coexistence with some roommates of the house of Gf Vip.