GF Vip, Lulu bursts into tears: the drama of the past, a chilling confession

At GF Vip comes a new drama from the past for Lulu: in tears he makes a truly creepy confession.

The path of Lulu to the GF Vip it alternates in moments of lightheartedness and others that are truly dramatic. The latest story about his past has left everyone stunned, including the conductor Alfonso Signorini.

GF Vip: Drama for Lulu who bursts into tears! (Source Instagram)

The princesses Selassie they have recently been divided into the GF house, and not even a week later, one of the three was eliminated from the program. It is the youngest of the three sisters, Clarissa. This event threw his sister Lulù into complete despair and into a fit of anger, who just did not expect to have to say goodbye to one of her sisters already. We already know that Lulu’s life was marked by dramatic events, but it seems that it did not end there. In the last episode Lulu in tears makes a dramatic revelation about her past and that of her family.

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GF Vip: Lulu in tears tells a drama from the past

In the last episode on Monday 6 October, the conductor Alfonso Signorini decides to investigate the troubled past of the Selassié sisters, in particular that of Lulù. Invited in the mystery room Lulù talks about his difficult past even at an economic level. “My sisters and I have gone through times when we couldn’t do many things. Unfortunately for my dad’s situation we had moments when we couldn’t even buy things to eat, and there was no one to help us ”.

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GF Vip Lulù bursts into tears
Source Instagram

Lulu continues the story by explaining that the same people who were close before then were no longer there when they could not give something. “A lot of people did not go away from us, because maybe we no longer invited them to dinner or on vacation” Asked by Alfonso on how they managed to live in that situation, Lulù says that “With the help of very few people, but still 7 people with 2 dogs, did we have times when we had to choose whether to eat or buy food for my dog? ” Truly terrible times for this family. Lulu concludes the speech by stating that this situation really made her understand who the real friends were.

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A heavy story that made us understand a lot about Lulu and his sisters.