GF Vip, Lulù Selassié receives compliments from Cardi B: the viral tweet

A great satisfaction for Lulu Selassié. The contestant of Big Brother Vip received compliments via social media from the American rapper Cardi Bthanks to a video circulated on social networks.

Lulù Selassié plays Cardi B

Some social users have made a video in which go viral Lulu Selassié she plays a song by rapper Cardi B. The video in question came to the American artist herself, who reposted the clip by commenting: “Wow, she’s clearly the star of the show”. A nice response for the competitor of the GF, who was punctually in the episode informed by Alfonso Signorini. “The trapper commented on your performance on social media! You have talked about it all over the world! ” explained the host to a very surprised Lulu Selassié. The Ethiopian princess asked if it was the true profile of Cardi B, and Signorini reassured her: “Yes, it really is her!”. “Cardi I love you! ” the contestant then screamed live, as Cardi B is her favorite artist. Even the boyfriend Manuel Bortuzzo had commented on the “performance” of Lulù Selassié, joking via social media. “And tonight you look … Sanremo which is better! Joke Lulu you are space!“.

Manuel Bortuzzo, the words on Lulù Selassié

This was a good time for Lulù Selassié, who also found the love of at Big Brother Vip Manuel Bortuzzo. The swimmer revealed to Verissimo that he wanted to surprise her on the occasion of Saint Valentine. “It will be our first Valentine’s Day and I want it to be special” she told Silvia Toffanin. Speaking of Lulù she also said: “I miss her, I’m trying in every way to make her feel my closeness” she explained. Even Manuel’s brother, always a guest at Verissimo, spoke of Manuel’s relationship with Lulù: “We have had confirmation that they really love each otherthey are a beautiful couple and I can’t wait to meet you, I’ll wait for you at home. “If at the beginning Bortuzzo was not convinced of the relationship with the tenant of the House, over time he changed his mind, as explained to the magazine Chi . “She had a way of doing things that I thought was not compatible with mine. I told her: ‘We are different, but you have to stay like this, maybe we don’t have to be together.’ when I treated her badly we didn’t see before and after on TV, nobody knows what we said, otherwise she wouldn’t have stayed with me. After the arguments we were in the room crying hugging each other, we didn’t care what people thought. She made me understand that we are different, but there is a way of loving that unites us ”.