Gf Vip, Manila Nazzaro is beautiful: have you ever seen her without makeup?

Gf Vip, Manila Nazzaro is beautiful in all her elegance: have you ever seen her without makeup? To leave you speechless.

Manila Nazzaro is one of the competitors of Big Brother Vip. She entered on tiptoe and is slowly making herself known and appreciated. Inside the house he has forged a good bond with many competitors, but in particular with Aldo.

GF vip, have you ever seen Manila Nazzaro without makeup? How is the natural competitor (source mediaset infinity)

On Monday there was a new episode and we witnessed the entry of two new entries, Maria Monsè and Patrizia Pellegrino are two new competitors. As, however, stated by Alfonso Signorini, they are the first of a long series. Just in the live broadcast on Monday, the comrade from Manila intervened in connection, Lorenzo Amoruso. He wanted to have his say, towards Soleil and even before Gianmaria. Amoruso also had a little bickering with Sonia Bruganelli, talking about the claims Soleil made last week regarding Gianmaria’s life. Manila and Lorenzo have been together for many years. The competitor is beautiful and she is beautiful even without makeup: have you ever seen her?

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GF Vip, have you ever seen Manila Nazzaro without makeup? To leave you speechless, it is beautiful

In the episode of Monday 22 November, there have been many twists and turns. We witnessed the exciting marriage proposal that Francesca Cipriani received from her boyfriend Alessandro.

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His answer was obviously ‘yes’. With the audience on their feet, Alfonso wanted to make the competitor remember this moment forever. The live broadcast continued. Lorenzo Amoruso, companion of Manila Nazzaro, intervened to say her about the relationship between Soleil and Gianmaria, also criticizing the statements of the former suitor last week. Lorenzo and Manila, a few weeks ago, gave us a magical moment. They have been together for many years. Manila in Big Brother Vip, in episode is always very elegant, but even at home she is always attentive to details. Watching the live broadcast, have you ever seen her without makeup?

Manila Nazzaro Gf Vip
source mediaset infinity

The Nazzaro is enchanting! Here, she was preparing herself together with her other companions. Impossible not to notice the beauty, even without a touch of color, her face shines.