GF Vip, Marco Bellavia mocked by the group: Sonia Bruganelli’s comment is applause

Marco Bellavia is ill and is laughed at by the GF Vip group: Sonia Bruganelli’s comment in the last live broadcast is applause.

A fourth episode of the GF Vip totally unsettling, during which really everything happened. Starting from the thrilling confession of Giovanni Ciacci live up to the post-episode discussion between the beloved costume designer and Antonino Spinalbese, the Canale 5 reality show continues to keep everyone glued to the screen.

GF Vip direct. Credits: Mediaset Play

That broadcast in the past few hours was not an easy episode even for the two commentators, who on several occasions intervened to express all their dissent on what was happening. This is the case of Sonia Bruganelli, who found herself ‘forced’ to take the defense of Marco Bellavia.

Sonia Bruganelli defends Marco Bellavia at GF Vip: what happened live

There were several competitors who had the opportunity to tell their story during the fourth episode of GF Vip, but the eyes of the viewers were focused on most of the time Marco Bellavia. Many will remember him in the studio of Bim Bum Bam where his sympathy could not go unnoticed, but in the house of the GF Vip it is as if the beloved TV face has lost this character trait that has always distinguished him.

It is not at all a mystery that, unfortunately, Marco Bellavia is no longer comfortable in the house of the GF Vip! In recent days, in fact, the former face of Bim Bum Bam has often and willingly isolated himself from the group, letting himself go to a liberating cry. What captured the attention, however, was the reaction of his companions, who not only did not help him, but even made fun of him. It is precisely for this reason that Sonia Bruganelli, called into question by the landlord, let herself go to a comment of applause. “I have a bit of empathic embarrassment towards Marco”, began to say. Underlining how much the attitude of the former TV face has changed dramatically over the days. “He tried to cheer up initially, then he realized that he joined a group where he doesn’t care about what he is experiencing”, he said again.

“The pack is eating it now. That’s how it works “, has completed. In short, Sonia’s words clearly make it clear how Marco is completely alone in overcoming this ‘block’ and how the group is doing ‘herd’ against him.

Luca Salatino’s comment does not go unnoticed

Not only Sonia Bruganelli, but also Luca Salatino defended Marco and cleared up against his teammates. On Twitter, in fact, a comment was reported to which the former tronista of Men and women was let go after the ‘parenthesis’ dedicated to the good Bellavia, confirming himself as a champion of justice.

gf vip bellavia
Twitter comment. Credits: Twitter

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