GF Vip, Marco Bellavia reacts after the episode: the first outburst on social media

GF Vip: with a social post, Marco Bellavia reacts from his Instagram profile after the episode aired yesterday 3 October

The episode of the GF Vip aired yesterday 3 October, it has put the dots on the i’s on a rather complicated situation that has outraged the audience from home and the presenter himself Alfonso Signoriniand the whole production.

Marco Bellavia after the GF (Credits: Instagram)

The bullying behavior assumed by competitors within the reality show towards their ‘colleague’ and roommate Marco Bellavia they certainly left a mark on our consciences, and certainly on theirs. When Marco Bellavia decided to leave the house of the GF Vip, none of the competitors, neither before nor after, raised the problem. Nobody wondered what was really going on, except someone, nobody extended a helping hand to the TV presenter.

And so, Big Brother has lost us, he has lost so much in humanity. The same conductor, Alfonso Signorini, in the episode aired yesterday October 3, has certainly not left the matter unresolved. A disqualificationthe one of Geneva Lamborghini and theelimination by choice of the public of Giovanni Ciacci, were the disciplinary measures adopted. Until that moment, there had been no trace of Marco Bellavia.

We all wondered how he was dealing with it. And so, a few hours after the end of the episode aired, the former competitor made his comeback on social media. His vent he was certainly ‘piqued’ and he obviously lined up all those who in recent days, even with a small gesture and sign of affection, have been in solidarity with him.

GF Vip, Marco Bellavia returns to social media after leaving the house

In these hours, after the episode of GF Vip aired less than 24h ago, we wondered how it was Marco Bellavia. Reliving those moments must not have been easy, feeling the indifference of those who turned their backs on him certainly did not contribute to giving him a moment of lightheartedness. However, it is precisely after a few hours from the broadcast of the episode, that the former conductor is back on social networks with a post that suggests his thoughts on this situation.

marco bellavia gf
Marco Bellavia on social media after the episode of the GF Vip (Credits: Instagram)

Marco’s offspring inside the house were clear to everyone. A cry for help that the conductor made known with words that made it clear that with the right support, he would carry on his adventure. However, it is in the caption of the post that you can feel the bitterness of him towards those who have not lent a hand to him. “Education, loyalty, sharing .. In exchange for?“Wrote Bellavia. Under the post published a series of comments from characters known to the small screen, ready to support him and show him solidarity.

Now everyone is wondering, will there be a confrontation between Marco Bellavia and the competitors of the GF Vip? We will find out in the next episode!