Gf Vip, Miriana criticizes Soleil: “I’m not going to break up with a married man”, Biagio stops her: “I’m engaged too”

Miriana Trevisan at Gf Vip lashes out against Soleil: “I’m not going to break a married man’s ***”, but Biagio stops her.

The Big Brother Vip it is reserving us great surprises and many twists. In the last episode aired, everything happened. Alex Belli, ‘threatened’ about wanting to go out, but soon after, he had a meeting with his wife, Delia Duran.

Gf Vip, Miriana criticizes Soleil for her behavior with Alex and Biagio stops her (source instagram)

The woman was very disappointed by the man’s behavior towards Soleil, so intimate and in confidence. She was intent on closing the story, but the competitor walked over and embraced her. Unfortunately, for not respecting the anticovid rules, he was disqualified. This relationship between Belli and Soleil has caused a lot of talk and even the competitors in the house have said what they think. Miriana, speaking with Biagio, in the warehouse, threw herself against Soleil, but received the answer from the roommate.

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Gf Vip, Miriana criticizes Soleil: “I’m not going to break up a married man”, Biagio: “I’m engaged too”

The report between Alex and Soleil has made a lot of talk in recent weeks. A simple friendship has gradually transformed into something more. The actor had confessed that he fell in love, but also loved his wife, Delia Duran.

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The latter has repeatedly intervened in the house to speak with her husband. After Monday’s episode, where we saw Alex and Delia come out, after his disqualification, many competitors had several moments to talk about this relationship between Alex and Soleil. Miriana Trevisan lashed out against Sorge’s behavior.

Miriana and Biagio at Gf Vip
instagram source

“She hasn’t been firm, I’m not going to break a married man’s c ***… She’s played too, she’s a single woman and so am I. Going to a married person who might have an attraction, don’t create an ambiguous situation. I too who am single and respect a married man “, said Miriana and Biagio stopped her: “He’s the one who’s married, he’s the one who has to love his woman and behave … I’m engaged too, do you respect people only with the ring on your finger? Then I don’t hug you anymore even if I’m glad “. Apparently, Biagio and Miriana have different opinions.