GF Vip, Nikita Pelizon confirms her love story live: what job would the alleged boyfriend do

During the last episode of GF Vip, Nikita Pelizon admitted that she has someone waiting outside: what her alleged boyfriend does.

Among the youngest competitors of the GF Vipthis year she is there too, Nikita Pelizon: model and influencer from Trieste, the beautiful 28-year-old participated in the last edition of Beijing Express paired with her friend Helena Prestes with which she reached the final.

Nikita Pelizon boyfriend indiscretion work (Credits: Instagram)

Many know that one of her ex boyfriends was a castaway The Island of the Famous : the two then met again Former on the Beach 2020. This program managed to bring them together as a couple, but shortly thereafter they broke up again.

Upon his arrival in the most spied on house in Italy, the gieffina presented herself saying that she was single, but apparently this would not be the truth. Or at least, not completely. A few days ago, in fact, the first flew into the skies of Cinecittà airplane of this seventh edition and, according to the rather unequivocal writing with lots of hearts, the recipient could only be her.

“222 Nik you are my angel, I miss you so much Amorigno”, read on the banner, which however did not reveal the identity of the sender. On that occasion, the ‘Vippona’ had limited herself to exclaiming: “But who expected it!”. During the episode last Monday, October 17, Alfonso Signorini then dropped a real ‘bomb’ in this regard, leaving the competitor stunned.

“Your boyfriend wrote me, just to me, sending me a private message on Instagram. He presented himself as such, a person who feels very attached to you, ”said the host point blank. From his side, the model did not deny, however, he pointed out that the word “boyfriend” would still not be appropriate. Signorini then asked Nikita if she would like to meet the mysterious man and she replied that she wanted to think about her.

Already a few weeks ago, the weekly Who had revealed the alleged identity of the fiance of the competitor: let’s see what her job would be.

GF Vip, what would be the job of Nikita Pelizon’s alleged boyfriend

A few weeks ago, the newspaper directed by Alfonso Signorini had launched the indiscretion that Pelizon would not have told the whole truth about her sentimental situation. Indeed, second Whothe gieffina would be “very engaged” and would have talked at length on a video call with her boyfriend just before entering the GF Vip.

According to the revelations of the well-known magazine, he would be “a Milanese entrepreneur in the catering sector“. After the last live broadcast on Canale 5, Nikita admitted she was amazed by what Signorini revealed to her: “Before I entered she told me that she didn’t want to end up in the newspapers or go on television and now this happens?”.

Nikita Pelizon boyfriend
Nikita Pelizon boyfriend twist (Credits: Instagram)

Who knows, maybe a surprise for Nikita will arrive soon in the house. We’ll see!