GF Vip, Nikita Pelizon’s ex-boyfriend is very famous: everyone knows him

GF Vip, Nikita Pelizon’s ex-boyfriend is a very famous character: we have seen him on various television shows, that’s who he is.

The Big Brother VIP started with the seventh edition in September. It’s been 3 months and the reality show has already seen a number of twists in place. First of all the Marco Bellavia case. The former contestant dropped out of the show after speaking out about his mental health issues. But above all after having received indifference from the other competitors and much more.

Ex boyfriend Nikita (credits: youtube)

The latest twist happened in these last two weeks. What no one imagined happened: 6 competitors tested positive for covid. The first to have contracted it were Charlie Gnocchi, Patrizia Rossetti, Attilio Romita and Luca Onestini. A few days later, following daily checks, Wilma Goich and Alberto De Pisis also tested positive. All were placed in solitary confinement until they returned a few days ago, obviously after the negativity of the swabs, except for the moment Alberto.

Among the competitors who are very popular with the public, so much so that they are also among the favourites, there is Nikita Pelizon. At home he said he was interested in someone outside but something unexpected happened in the last few weeks. After watching a live video with the man she showed some annoyance. When Onestini then entered, he did not hide his pleasure towards him. In recent days they have appeared very close. Nikita before participating in the GF Vip was part of the last edition of Beijing Express. Many already knew it well, others still did not. Of her private life we ​​know that she has an ex boyfriend and it is a well-known character: do you know who it is?

GF Vip, do you know who Nikita Pelizon’s ex-boyfriend is? He’s a well-known character that we’ve seen before

Nikita Pelizon is a competitor of the GF Vip. She is loved by the public so much that she was the favorite during the nominations. Before entering the house she had attended Beijing Expres. A journey of her, together with Helena Prestess, who has always captured the attention of viewers.

Even now he is doing the same and is making his relationship with Luca Onestini talk, given that he has expressed his interest. In recent days, the two have appeared ever closer: what will happen? We’ll see. Nikita some time ago had a relationship with a character that we know well today.

ex boyfriend nikita pelizon
Nikita Pelizon, ex (credits: instagram)

Her ex boyfriend is Matteo Diamante. A few months ago the latter was part of The Island of the famous and we have seen it previously in The pupa and the nerd. The two were together but the relationship then came to an end.