Gf Vip, Pamela Prati: that ‘detail’ that cannot go unnoticed

Gf Vip, Pamela Prati is one of the competitors of the new edition: that ‘detail’ that cannot go unnoticed.

It is undoubtedly one of the most talked about contestants of this edition of the GF Vip. This is the second time for her, in the most watched house on TV. This time, however, Pamela Prati has decided to live this adventure to the fullest, showing a new Pamela.

Pamela Prati (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

After the expulsion of the first time (remember the unforgettable taxi scene?), Pamela decided to get back into the game again in the reality show of Canale 5. And, speaking of reality, during the second episode of GF Vip, everyone noticed a detail which concerns the former Bagaglino showgirl. Are you curious to find out what it is? You are in the right place.

Pamela Prati at GF Vip: everyone noticed that detail

A Pamela Prati different. This is how the showgirl wants to show herself, on this second occasion in the house of the GF Vip. House in which she entered three years after the media storm that involved her, due to the Mark Caltagirone case. As revealed by Alfonso Signorini during the first episode of the GF Vip, Pamela will return to the subject, to reveal unpublished details and answer many questions that the public still asks about the complicated story today. She will choose when the right time to talk about it will be, as underlined by the host on Thursday evening.

Waiting to find out more, we follow the story of Pamela in the most spied on TV house. After an initial isolation in the first days, Pamela has integrated well into the group and is bonding a lot with her teammates. A positive start for her, who entered her home to overcome her fears, including claustrophobia. But, speaking of Pamela, there is a detail that could not go unnoticed.

A accessory that Prati wore during the second episode of the reality show and which was immediately noticed by fans of the program. The image has gone viral and the subject of memes on social media, particularly on Twitter. What are we talking about? Of the choker necklace with the iconic ‘Diva’ writing: impossible not to notice the writing, covered with diamonds, clearly legible on the neck of the contestant of the reality show. Which, even on other occasions at home, she showed off different necklaces: an accessory that the showgirl often uses to complete her looks. On Thursday evening, Pamela Prati opted for a solid fuchsia suit, after the gold-colored dress she wore for the first episode.

gf vip pamela meadows
Pamela’s necklace (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Which outfit will you choose for the third episode of the reality show? We remind you that the GF Vip will be back on the air tomorrow evening, September 26, 2022, with a new live episode, full of surprises and twists. Don’t miss it!