GF Vip previews, episode of 3 December: the moment of truth has finally come!

Anticipations of the episode of the GF Vip on Friday 3 December: the moment of truth has finally arrived, what will happen live?

Hold on tight: tonight’s episode, Friday 3 December, by the GF Vip it will be really crackling. At the moment, as always, the are not yet out advances officers. Given the facts that have happened in these last hours, however, we can tell you that we will really see some good ones!

The previews of the episode of the GF Vip on Friday 3 December. Photo source: Video mediaset

A little less than three months after the start of this sixth edition of GF Vip, the Canale 5 reality show never ceases to amaze its dear audience. We have had proof of this in the course of these weeks, when we have witnessed the entry of new competitors, but it has also given us the confirmation that never as in the last few days has we entered the heart of the game. For more than 70 days, the Vippons have lived side by side. And this, you know, can lead to quarrels, furious outbursts and new loves. This is precisely what has happened in the last few hours in the house of the GF Vip. And of which, without any doubt, Alfonso Signorini will want to talk live. Let’s find out something more.

GF Vip of December 3, the previews of the episode: unmissable!

A new installment of the GF Vip, therefore, she is ready to join her audience tonight December 3. Waiting, however, to find out what will happen and what are its advances, let’s try to understand what has happened in these few days that are far from the twenty-fourth direct. And what will Alfonso Signorini talk about!

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Without a doubt, the entry of the new competitors has ‘upset’, and more than positive, the balance of the house. Valeria Marini, Giacomo Urtis and Biagio D’Anelli were a real breath of fresh air for the whole house. Therefore, it is assumed that we will also talk about them in the episode. But not only. Most likely, the moment of truth has come for one of the competitors. We are talking about him: Alex Belli! “I am in love with you…”, the actor said a few days ago to ‘his’ Soleil. What will these words mean? Without a doubt, they will refer to a friendship. Also because, let’s face it, friendship is still a demonstration of love. In any case, however, we are sure that Signorini will try to understand something more about them. Finally, ample space for the nominees. Who will get the ‘worst’? We’ll see!

advances GF Vip December 3
Photo Source: Instagram

Obviously, these are just some of the topics that will be covered. Without any doubt, in fact, it will be an episode full of emotions.