GF Vip previews, episode of November 19th: the group will lose a ‘big game’

Anticipation of the episode of the GF Vip on Friday 19 November: the group will lose a ‘big game’, it will all happen live.

Friday night has finally come. And if for many this means the beginning of a weekend of relaxation and fun, for many others it means only one thing: a new episode of GF Vip! A few days after the last live broadcast, Alfonso Signorini will host another appointment of the reality show.

GF Vip, episode of November 19th: all the previews. Photo source: Video mediaset

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In the end it is really true: the GF Vip extends until March 2022! It had been talked about for some time, but now the confirmation has arrived: this will be the longest edition ever! Truly phenomenal news, then. And above all that underlines how, once again, the choice of the cast was more than apt. On the other hand, it is the competitors who are determining the dynamics of the game. And that they are enjoying, episode after episode, a truly impressive success. Speaking of which, but are you curious to know what will happen tonight? Friday 19 November, therefore, a new episode will air, but what are yours advances?

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GF Vip previews of November 19th: everything will happen, not to be missed!

Also this evening, Friday 19 November, a new episode of the GF vip. What will happen, however, this evening? As usual, the official advances of tonight’s episode have not yet come out. Undoubtedly, however, several topics will be dealt with. And all, as always, will capture the attention of the Italian public.

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It must be admitted that these days following the last live broadcast by GF Vip have been rather flat. Of course, the clashes were not lacking at all. In any case, however, it can be said that these have been rather quiet hours. Will it all be unleashed tonight? Who knows! Without any doubt, however, Alfonso Signorini will know how to spice up this new appointment. One thing, however, is certain: tonight there will be a shock elimination. On televoting, as you know, there are three big shots. And, in particular, Sophie Codegoni, who was directly nominated by Soleil during the last episode, Miriana Trevisan and Gianmaria Antinolfi. In short, in any case, it will be a truly painful loss not only for the house, but also for the entire public.

advances GF Vip November 19th
Photo source: mediaset video

What are you going to do tonight? It is useless to ask: we will not miss the GF Vip at all!