GF Vip, ready to get married: orange flowers for the former face of reality TV

GF Vip, the former protagonist of the reality show gets married! Orange blossom for her and great joy: now the big step is close!

Great news and great joy for a former face of the very popular reality show. The former competitor who received the marriage proposal right under the watchful eye of the cameras Big Brother Vipis ready to take the plunge and to pronounce the fateful Yes!

GF Vip, ready for the wedding (Credits: Facebook)

The previous edition of the Big Brother Vip it has certainly given us unprecedented moments and simply unexpected twists. On the other hand, as we have well seen over the years, Big Brother Vip is a reality full of surprises! And just in the previous edition, there was no shortage of twists that left us speechless. Among them, a marriage proposal. It came right live, while the host and landlord was conducting his episode. And now, months after the end of the reality show, the former competitor lets it be known that the fateful orange blossoms are not long enough! After GF Vipawait you wedding with her better halfgreat joy for her!

GF Vip, orange blossom for the former protagonist of the reality show: when the upcoming wedding

Francesca Cipriani was one of the undisputed protagonists in the latest edition of GF Vip aired. Right within the reality show, the beautiful showgirl has often and willingly brought her magical love story under the spotlight of her. Well, it is on live television that we witnessed and jumped for joy with her, when Alessandro Rossi, her boyfriend asked her hand. And soon they will get married!

The two have always appeared very close, and you can see through the different social shots posted by the former reality competitor who are still very complicit and united today. And it is from her Instagram channel that Francesca Cipriani let her social community know that the wedding is quite imminent! With a sweet shot that portrays the future husband and wife together, Cipriani wrote: “Soon you get married. When? In 2022“.

He did not want to overreact, he preferred to leave a little suspense so as to leave us with bated breath when the fateful happy event arrives. In fact, she did not comment on the details of the long-awaited day, but we are sure that she is very excited and that she is taking care of everything in detail. Francesca has always been distinguished by her attention to her details and surely she will not miss a pinch of sparkle, the same that we can now see in her eyes!

gf vip wedding
Francesca Cipriani, after the GF Vip gets married (Credits: Instagram)

And so, we are sure that before the end of this 2022, Francesca Cipriani and Alessandro Rossi will get married. Orange blossom for the sweet couple! Do you like them together?