GF Vip, Riccardo Fogli blasphemes after a few hours of his entry: disqualification on the way?

GF Vip, Riccardo Fogli blasphemes after a few hours of his entry: disqualification on the way for the new competitor in the reality show?

Yesterday, December 12, 2022, a new, very rich, episode of the GF Vip. An episode during which everything really happened, between clashes, surprises and the usual nominations. And there were three new entries, with two new official competitors and Ginevra Lamborghini as a guest for a few days.

Riccardo Fogli (Credits Mediaset Infinity) Sologossip

Officially joining the group of vipponi were Milena Miconi e Richard Sheets, who, after observing the necessary quarantine, entered the house. For the former Pooh frontman, however, the adventure in the house does not seem to have started in the best way: this morning, a few hours after his entry into the reality show, the competitor let slip what appears to be to all intents and purposes a blasphemy. The video has already gone viral on social media and viewers are wondering if the new vippone is already at risk of disqualification.

Riccardo Fogli already at risk of disqualification: the competitor blasphemes on his first day at GF Vip

Richard Sheets record-breaking. The new competitor of the GF Vip could already be at risk of disqualification, after a few hours spent in the house. This morning, the first morning for him in the Cinecittà house, the singer-songwriter let out a curse during a conversation in the kitchen with Antonino Spinalbese, Charlie Gnocchi and Wilma Goich. An expletive that, many have no doubts, it is a blasphemy. “I eat three eggs and I say p**** M**** I ate three eggs,” said the former Pooh member.

The video of the offending sentencein a short time, has made the rounds of social networks and, in particular on Twitter, many have commented on the incident, wondering if the production will decide to ptake action. In the past, the GF didn’t make any discounts, deciding to definitively eliminate anyone who let out a curse from the game. As every time a similar event occurs, however, the production will have to verify whether the sentence spoken by Riccardo is actually a blasphemy and evaluate any possible measures.

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Riccardo Fogli at home (Credits Mediaset Infinity) – Sologossip

We remind you that, during this edition, there have already been various disciplinary measures for the competitors, starting from the heaviest, addressed to Ginevra Lamborghini. The competitor was immediately disqualified from the game (yesterday she returned home as a guest for just seven days), while Giovanni Ciacci and Elenoire Ferruzzi were eliminated from the public after a flash televoting, opened by Alfonso Signorini as a punishment. We just have to wait for the next few hours to find out what will happen to Riccardo Fogli and what the decision of the production will be. And you, are you following the seventh edition of the most watched reality show on TV?