GF Vip, sensational: Marco Bellavia has to do with it, what is happening

GF Vip, sensational anticipation on Marco Bellavia: it will happen live tonight, during the new episode of the reality show.

For some days now, we have not talked about anything else. What happened in the house of the GF Vip to the competitor Marco Bellavia he indignant viewers, who, in a loud voice, asked for measures. Measures that have arrived, with the direct disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghini and the elimination of Giovanni Ciacci from flash televoting.

Marco Bellavia (Credits Mediaset Play)

“A horrendous page of television” were the words that Alfonso Signorini used to describe what happened. Signorini who, this evening, Thursday 6 October 2022, will return with one new live episode. An episode that promises to be less complicated than the previous one, but there will be no shortage of twists. Uno it was anticipated just a little while ago by Federica Panicucci, in the usual parenthesis on the GF Vip of Mattino Cinque. An anticipation that concerns the former competitor of the reality show Marco Bellavia. Here’s what will happen.

Marco Bellavia returns to GF Vip: what will happen in tonight’s episode

Marco Bellavia he officially retired from the home of GF Vip last Saturday 1 October 2022. After a few days of profound difficulty, the former face of Bim Bum Bam has decided to leave the game, realizing that he will not be able to continue. In the house, Marco talked about his psychological problems, expressing the desire to share his story with others and asking for help several times. In front, however, the competitor found a wall: except for a few people, no one showed empathy and solidarity towards him. On the contrary, many have used unsavory words and, as in the case of Geneva, disqualification phrases. What does Marco think of all this?

After the storm born on social networks following his retirement, the competitor appeared on social media in a short video in the company of his son. Images in which he appears calm and relaxed, alongside his great love. At the moment, he has not yet spoken about GF Vip, but we will only have to wait a few hours. As revealed by Federica Panicucci in Mattino Cinque, Marco will come back to talk and will do it right at the GF Vip, during this evening’s live broadcast!

gf vip anticipation marco bellavia
Federica Panicucci at Morning 5 (Credits Mediaset Play)

“This evening Marco Bellavia will break the silence, this evening he will speak to Alfonso Signorini to Big Brother Vip, in prime time on Canale 5. There will be some sensational revelations“. These are the words of the presenter, which suggest that the competitor has something very important to say. It remains to be seen if Marco will be present in the studio or in connection and if he will have a confrontation with his former roommates. To find out everything, we just have to wait for 9:40 pm for a new, very rich, direct one.