GF Vip, sensational twist: Adriana Volpe has to do with it

GF Vip, sensational twist tonight in the episode: Adriana Volpe has to do with it.

Tonight there will be a new episode of Big Brother Vip. Alfonso Signorini in the previous one opened the televoting in which the public was asked to choose the favorite among Nikita Pelizon, Daniele Del Moro, Marco Bellavia, Giaele De Donà, Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella Fiordelisi.

GF Vip, Adriana volpe (credits: youtube)

Tonight we will find out which of them will have received the most consensus from viewers. This year’s cast seems to have all the right cards to intrigue those who follow him from home. In less than a week, everything happened. We started with Ginevra Lamborghini’s revelations about her sister Elettra. During the presentation video she had said that she was the only one who did not receive the wedding invitation. In the following days she returned to talk about the issue several times, recounting an episode that happened at Christmas last year. About her She explained that her mother told her to leave to come back after two hours and have dinner with her. She from Geneva said she came back after half an hour and sat at the table without making eye contact with the others. Her statements led to a reaction from Electra. The singer sent out a warning, which she meant to stop talking about their relationship.

Which did not happen, because several times, even during the third episode, the competitor talked about it. At this point, the sister intervened on social media clarifying the situation and making it clear that she will not go to the reality show to talk about what happened. Not only Geneva opened, but Antonino Spinalbese also spoke about Belen Rodriguez, his former partner and mother of his daughter. Many confidences have interested the public but there have also been many discussions to capture the attention. Tonight everything will be addressed in an episode. Apparently there will be a twist regarding Adriana Volpe. The presenter is no longer in the chair of the commentators and instead of her Signorini has chosen Orietta Berti. But what will happen live?

GF Vip, a real twist tonight: Adriana Volpe has to do with it

Adriana Volpe is not the columnist of the new edition of Big Brother Vip. Alfonso Signorini had asked her to be allowed to enter the house again as a competitor. Offer that she would seem to have displaced the presenter. In fact, he reported that the conductor knew of her family situation and therefore of the consequent inability to accept.

In place of Adriana as a columnist there is Orietta Berti and with her Sonia Bruganelli. This evening, however, there will be a real twist and it concerns the Fox. The news was TvBlog, which makes it known of the return of the presenter. It will have two tasks: what is it about?

gf vip adriana fox
Adriana, GF vip (credits: youtube)

Adriana will have the opportunity to meet Sonia Bruganelli. Just with the columnist last year there were several discussions and the points in common were very few. We have also seen several times that the digs between the two had come through social media. Signorini had taken the opportunity to send everything live. But she will not only have this task the Fox.

He will surprise one of his colleagues and friends, Giovanni Ciacci, now a competitor of the GF Vip. TvBlog makes it known that Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli, this evening, will cross again and perhaps argue again, and adds: “He will enter the house with the red door to give his friend Giovanni Ciacci a nice surprise”. Well, in the fourth episode we will see the return of the presenter who will have a dual role: she will meet Sonia Bruganelli and will give Giovanni Ciacci a gift.