GF Vip, “Shocked by Giucas’s betrayal”: the former competitor is a river in flood

From his Instagram profile, the former competitor of the GF Vip attacks some of his teammates still at home: harsh words even against Giucas.

The number of protagonists of this sixth edition of the GF Vip exited the game. Half of those who entered the house in September are now definitively out of reality as decreed by televoting.

GF Vip, “Upset by Giucas’s betrayal”: the former competitor’s hard outburst (Instagram)

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The division of the three Selassié sisters who until a few weeks ago represented a single competitor gave rise to new dynamics because the other roommates were able to name one of them without fear of affecting the path of the other two.

The last one eliminated was in fact Clarissa Selassie, ended up in televoting against Manila, Carmen, Soleil and her sister Lulu. An exit that caused many consequences, first of all the strong crisis that hit Lulu who closed herself in the bathroom during the episode and was punished for this by Big Brother with a measure.

Back on social media, the youngest princess has published a long outburst against some of the former adventure companions based on the latest events in the house.

GF Vip, the long outburst of Clarissa Selassié: a very hard attack also on Giucas Casella

In recounting her experience inside the most spied house in Italy, it was impossible for Clarissa not to mention the quarrel with Katia Ricciarelli the last evening: “Shocked by Katia’s bad words that we experienced as an emotional reference point to depend on. Maximum respect for her career and her age but rudeness and arrogance shouldn’t depend on her CV, ”writes the 19-year-old.

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The soprano, however, was not the only target of criticism. Clarissa also expressed amazement for the totally unexpected nomination received from Giucas Casella: “Shocked by Giucas’s betrayal … yes that really hurt me,” she confessed.

In fact, the girl seemed to have established a good relationship with the Sicilian illusionist: she often took care of her hair, her nails, in short, nothing suggested that Giucas would name her in the confessional.

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GF Vip Giucas
Photo source: Instagram

Do you agree with Clarissa’s elimination or would you have preferred someone else to come out?