GF Vip, Signorini reveals it live and leaves everyone stunned: had you noticed it?

GF Vip, Signorini reveals it live and leaves everyone stunned: had you noticed it? What happened during the episode.

The seventh edition of the GF Vip is now in full swing. The Canale 5 reality show started a few days ago, but practically everything has already happened in the house. Dynamics upon dynamics between the Vippos, who are more charged than ever.

Alfonso Signorini (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

And, last night, Monday 27 September 2022, the third episode was broadcast in prime time, conducted as always by Alfonso Signorini. A very rich episode, at the end of which the conductor revealed a really curious detail. Not everyone had noticed, but it represents an absolute novelty for the reality show. Here’s what it is.

GF Vip, sensational news in the house: Signorini reveals it live

Have you followed the third appointment with GF Vip7? The Canale 5 reality show is thrilling the public, despite the Vippons having been locked up in the house for just over a week. The cast set up by Alfonso Signorini for this year is really very strong: we will see some good ones! In the meantime, let’s talk to you about an absolute novelty of this edition of the program: a detail that perhaps not everyone has noticed and which concerns the Cinecittà house.

Almost at the end of yesterday’s episode, one of the iconic moments of the GF Vip has arrived, loved by the public and feared by competitors. Yes, let’s talk about nominations, that women had to do again in a clear way, in the super led. For men, however, again the secret of the confessional. And, speaking of the confessional, there is absolutely incredible news. It was the conductor Alfonso Signorini who revealed everything to viewers during the live broadcast.

There are two confessionals this year. To speed up the calls of competitors, everyone settles in real time in the confessionals, so we avoid waiting “. That’s right, Alfonso revealed that, for the first time ever, there are two confessionals this year! An excellent ploy to save time: when a competitor has finished his nomination, the line immediately passes to the other competitor, already seated and ready in the other confessional. A brilliant and absolutely original idea: the iconic room covered with red pyramids, in fact, has always been only one in the Casa del GF Vip.

gf vip signorini reveals
Attilio at GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

House that, this year, also has other innovations, including a second covered garden, in addition to the classic outdoor one. Among the novelties there is also a transformable room, which will put the competitors to the test: probably, it is what has already become the doll’s house! The rest of the news will be revealed over the course of the edition and we can’t wait to find out. And you, are you following this very heated edition of GF Vip?