GF Vip, Simona Ventura and Giovanni Ciacci: sensational twist live

Twist between Giovanni Ciacci and Simona Ventura at the GF VIP: what happened live no one would ever have expected it.

That broadcast on Monday 3 October will be an episode that the very affectionate audience of GF Vip will hardly forget. Completely dedicated to Marco Bellavia, his malaise and the consequent withdrawal, the seventh appointment of the reality show reviewed all the attitudes of each competitor and severely punished them.

What happened direct. Credits: Mediaset Play

Starting from the comments that triggered Marco Bellavia’s malaise up to everything that happened when he had clearly said he was sick, Alfonso Signorini absolutely did not ignore the attitudes adopted by each of the Vippons, scolding them severely. “It’s a bad parenthesis of Italian television”, the landlord told contestants.

To be mainly finished of the ‘viewfinder’ of the conductor and, unfortunately, of the web people, it was Giovanni Ciacci. In fact, in recent days the famous costume designer had already indulged in some not very nice considerations towards the good Bellavia, but unfortunately the situation did not change during the live broadcast. And it is during the last episode that he was the recipient of a message from Simona Ventura which has not gone unnoticed.

Twist at the GF VIP: what happened between Giovanni Ciacci and Simona Ventura

What happened to Marco Bellavia in recent days in the house of GF Vip has absolutely not gone unnoticed. The indifference and the attitude adopted towards the TV presenter, unfortunately, represent a constant reality of our society. And that is why it has absolutely not gone unpunished. Starting from the disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghini for a sentence on bullying – commented, among other things, by Bellavia’s ex-wife – up to the flash elimination of Giovanni Ciacci from the game, the measures taken during the last live broadcast were more that right, making everyone agree.

There were really many who commented on the seventh episode of the GF VIP on Monday on social media. Not only did ‘ordinary people’ immediately flock to social media to express their opinion on the issue, but also several VIPs did not miss an opportunity to have their say. Among these, as we said a little while ago, there was also Simona Ventura. In the middle of the live broadcast, in fact, the beloved TV presenter expressed her opinion on the issue, but above all on Giovanni Ciacci, reserving words for him that have not escaped at all.

ventura ciacci
Tweet Ventura. Credits: Twitter

“Ciacci made himself known”, Simona Ventura wrote on her Twitter channel, sparking the immediate reaction of the web people. As can be seen from the photo shown above, almost 24,000 users have ‘liked’ the comment of the Ventura. Which side are you on?