‘Gf Vip’, social storm against the public’s favorite Fiordelisi

On Twitter, users lashed out against the program and the hashtag #televotoruccato took off

Social storm against the ‘Gf Vip’ after televoting of yesterday evening, which saw the triumph Antonella Fiordelisicontestant crowned favorite of the public at home. On the grid
or #televoting rigged
viewers on Twitter they invoke the intervention of the Codacons, asking to verify the correctness of the televoting results, in their opinion ‘rigged’. The production of the program is under accusation, accused of making gods ‘magheggi’ and Alfonso Signorini himself, for many users an ‘accomplice’ to last night’s verdict. to unleash thesocial wrath polls reported on Twitter by many viewers of the program Channel 5 they saw, near the closing of votes, in clear advantage Oriana Marzoli. On Twitter there are even those who insinuate that bots have been used to bridge Marzoli’s advantage. To cast a shadow on the validity of televoting too Julia Salemi who yesterday evening in the studio in front of Signorini had pointed out that no one on Twitter was on Antonella’s side and that this result seemed rather ”bizarre” to her too. ” Antonella preferred when she is the most hated, she has the whole public against her but go away … I’ve never seen such a protected competitor that sucks ”, writes an indignant user on Twitter. For now, neither the production of the program nor Mediaset have replied to the accusations and the hashtag ‘rigged televoting’ has flown into the trend on Twitter.

(by Alisa Toaff)