GF Vip, Soleil depopulated in total white: the real ‘gem’ is in the hairstyle, have you noticed?

On the occasion of the 28th episode of the GF Vip, Soleil conquered everyone with a super trendy outfit: have you noticed the hairstyle?

Also in this new phase of the program and in this new chapter that opens for her after the surprise release of Alex Belli, Soleil is always up to amaze with its latest looks.

GF Vip, Soleil Sorge depopulated in total white: the real ‘gem’ is in the hairstyle, have you noticed? (Instagram)

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After having left us speechless with the animalier style, the 60s rock style and many other outfits that crown this edition’s glamor icon, Soleil yesterday chose a romantic white suit.

For the episode in which he had to meet the ex flatmate Alex Belli for a comparison, the beautiful ex suitor of Men and Women certainly did not disappoint the expectations of the public. So let’s find out all the details of the dress and accessories. By the way, did you notice what she had in her hair?

GF Vip, Soleil still at the ‘top’: white suit and super fashion hairstyle

The cute total white suit worn by the influencer is a designer model The Archives: short-sleeved t-shirt with padded straps and asymmetrical high-waisted miniskirt decorated with feathers on the hem. The stiletto heels that enhance her beautiful legs are beautiful: this is a pair of nude décolleté by NinaLilou crossed on the instep.

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Finally, it is impossible not to notice the splendid jeweled headband in her hair: it is a rounded model of Marina Fossati, antique pink color with crystal applications. More queen than that, impossible!

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Soleil hairstyle
Photo source: Instagram

And which of Soleil’s looks did you like the most so far?