Gf Vip, Soleil finds the last note left by Alex: what he wrote to her before leaving

Gf Vip, Soleil finds the last note left by Alex: what the former competitor wrote to her before leaving.

The relationship between Soleil and Alex has caught the attention of viewers in recent weeks. At Gf Vip he was often at the center of the dynamics and created no little chaos. On Monday there was a new episode and it was full of twists. After that in the afternoon, the former suitor of Men and Women kissed Alex, and then told him: “It’s as fake as you were with me“, What no one expected has happened.

Gf Vip, Soleil after Alex’s exit finds the note he had left her: what is written (source instagram)

The actor’s wife Delia Duran intervened live, ready to leave her husband. But the competitor approached the woman and hugged her, and for this he was expelled. Before that, however, Belli had left some notes in which he had written messages to Soleil. In the morning, Jessica, along with her, found the last note: what was written inside it.

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Gf Vip, Soleil finds Alex’s last ticket: what the former competitor wrote to her

An episode of fire that of Monday 13 December. Delia Duran, wife of Alex Belli intervened in the episode to speak with her husband. In the afternoon, between the man and Soleil there had been an unexpected kiss. For this, after the evolution of this relationship in the house, the actor’s wife arrived with the intention of closing.

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But the unthinkable happened. Alex approached the woman to hug her and was expelled, because she did not respect the anticovid rules. Earlier, in the afternoon, he had left some tickets to the ex-suitor at home. Soleil after finding several, he looked for the last one and finally, thanks to Jessica, he found it. But what was written inside it?

Jessica and Soleil
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Jessica read the note which said: “Love wins over everything … “, But not only that, it would seem that, within it, there were statements that have sparked an adverse reaction. Princess A said that at this point, she had to choose Soleil and not Delia. Soon after, the former suitor, speaking to the princess, said that she gave that kiss for pretending, because she thought that he was fake with her.