GF Vip, Soleil’s mother has no doubts: “Alex had already planned everything with Delia”

Days after his exit from GF Vip, Soleil’s mother has clear ideas about what happened: her words about Alex.

A decidedly shocking episode of GF Vip, the one that was broadcast on Monday 13 December. Alex Belli has abandoned the Cinecittà house! A really crazy twist, right? Well: that’s right!

GF Vip, the words of Soleil’s mother about Alex: what she said. Photo Source: Instagram

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Alex Belli’s abandonment of the GF Vip house was already in the air and this had been a reason for discussion with Soleil Sorge a few hours before the live broadcast. A twist like that, however, we never expected! The Centovetrine actor, in fact, struck by the words of Delia Duran, who had come home to communicate the end of their marriage, let himself be overwhelmed by emotions and did not respect the anti-covid rules. For this reason, the GF’s reaction was immediate: expel him! A huge low blow for Soleil, therefore, who did not miss an opportunity to be able to reveal his displeasure for how it turned out. And for what happened in the house. Speaking of which, what do you think of her mom about? Let’s find out together! Although, apparently, Wendy’s words are very clear and precise.

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Soleil’s mother speaks: “Alex and Delia did their show”

The report of Soleil and Alex, let’s face it, was on everyone’s lips until the last minute. There are those who believe, in fact, that both have played and that we have put on a staging. And who, on the other hand, believes that Alex has organized everything since his first entry. Among them, there is also Wendy, Soleil’s mother!

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In the course of a very recent interview with ‘Casa Chi’, Wendy, as well as her daughter, did not miss the opportunity to be able to say her opinion on what happened between Soleil, Alex and Delia without too many ministers. And in addition to revealing that for her it was all organized by the couple from outside, she couldn’t help but say a few words about everything we have seen in these long weeks. “It was all planned before entering. They made their mess of example show. It took a little restraint, it’s about humanity “, began to say. To then continue: “Soleil was a prey to fall in love with. He is not my daughter’s type. She would never fall in love with him “, Wendy told Casa Chi.

GF vip mom soleil
Photo Source: Instagram

“He wanted this dramatic story at all costs, but he couldn’t handle it. Luckily he came out “, concluded Wendy. What do you think of these words of his?