GF Vip, Soraia jealous of Nikita? Luca’s girlfriend breaks the silence: hard words

GF Vip, Soraia jealous of Nikita? Luca’s girlfriend breaks the silence: hard words in her Instagram stories.

A new, heated, quarrel has heated the spirits in the house of the GF Vip. Galeotto was a massage that Luca Salatino let Nikita Pelizon do. An innocent massage, to the cervical area, but there are those who have seen something more in it.

Soraia and Luca (Instagram Credits)

Cristina Quaranta and Elenoire Ferruzzi pointed out to Luca how that gesture could have been annoy his girlfriend Soraia. An insinuation that infuriated the former tronista of Men and Women, who invited the rest of the roommates not to interfere in his private life. “But she is my girlfriend, will I know what she thinks or doesn’t think?”, The Roman pointed out. But what Soraia really thinks of this whole situation? It was she who revealed it, through a story shared on her Instagram channel. Her words did not go unnoticed.

GF Vip, Soraia speaks: Luca Salatine’s girlfriend has her say on the ‘massage’ dispute

In the viewfinder of some competitors of the GF Vip, in the past few hours, the friendship between Luca and Nikita has ended. Up to now a very clean friendship, but not for all Vippos. According to Cristina Quaranta and Elenoire, in fact, there would be malice in Nikita that would go beyond simple friendship. The two competitors thus pointed out to Luca that even a simple massage could annoy his girlfriend Soraia, who sees the images from home. Luca did not like at all the hypothesis put forward by his competitors, underlining the fact that between him and Nikita there is a simple friendly relationship. The tronista is quite sure of what Soraia is thinking and, we can say it, she is more than right!

A little while ago, in fact, the former suitor of Men and Women and Luca’s girlfriend commented on the story through Instagram. Soraia did not send them to tell either Cristina or Elenoire, emphasizing that he knows the difference between massages done with malice and with extreme purity. “Dear Quaranta neurons can also be used all together! I hope for you that this comment was made because you are ignorant and not out of provocation, to hit Luca, because by now you have understood that he is much loved ”, writes Soraia. That she does not spare even Elenoire, to whom she addresses a resounding “make you laugh”.

In the story, Soria also posts a video in which Cristina Quaranta dances with Amaurys, who is also engaged as Luca, writing “I would think more about this video instead of thinking about me”. Finally, the invitation to his Luca to let the provocations slip on him and ignore the wickedness of those around him.

gf vip soraia
Soraia’s outburst (Credits Instagram)

Strong words, those of Soraia: will the GF decide to show them to the competitors at home, giving Cristina and Elenoire the opportunity to reply? We just have to wait for the live broadcast tomorrow night. Something tells us that we will see some good ones!