GF Vip, sparks fly: “You won’t hear me outside!”

GF Vip, a very strong argument broke out between two competitors: “You will no longer hear me outside!”. Big words fly!

It ended a few hours ago a new episode of Big Brother Vip. Various topics were addressed during the live broadcast, as happens every time, and of course we talked about what happened during the week between the competitors. In particular, we have seen the difficult moment experienced by Giaele De Donà at the center of attention.

Gf Vip, the discussion breaks out after the episode-Credits: mediaset play (sologossip)

Last time she received a letter from her husband in which he referred to the woman’s disrespectful behavior towards their marriage. Her words that hurt the contestant. Not only this but during the episode Signorini could not fail to talk about what happened after the entry of Martina Nasoni, ex of Daniele Dal Moro.

The entry of the former winner initially led to the breaking of the balance established between Daniele and Oriana Marzoli. In recent days, however, the two have found some serenity. The live broadcast also brought to light several disagreements, discussions and new approaches. What happened had strong consequences immediately afterwards, so much so that a fierce fight broke out in the kitchen.

Sparks fly to GF Vip immediately after the episode: the tension between the competitors does not subside

The bet of GF Vip on Thursday 16 February was enlivened by many twists and turns. To capture the attention is what happened between Daniele Dal Moro and Martina Nasoni. The latter, which entered about a week ago, has already had the opportunity to discuss with the competitor in the previous days. She, the former winner, had said she wanted to stay away from him, explaining that she did not want to see their relationship exploited.

Words that ignited the confrontation. And apparently the hatred hasn’t stopped since after last night’s live broadcast, a new discussion broke out between the two. Daniele vented in the kitchen: “You eat us with this stuff here. From today you don’t have to speak to me anymore”. and the girl replied: “When we’re out, I’ll tell you something.” But faced with this statement, the competitor did not hold back.

discussion at gf vip
Discussion between Daniele and Martina at GF Vip-Credits: mediaset play (sologossip)

He invited Martina to tell everything she knows about him, saying that it’s fine if she came to the reality show for work but not to throw mud on her person, as she believes she is doing: “Outside you won’t hear me anymore, you’re done with me. I ate m**** for four years, you come back here because I’m here and you have the courage to tell me that I exploit”. Between Daniele and Nasoni, clarification still seems far away. Between the two it seems that the relationship is completely inclined.