GF Vip, the atmosphere heats up: kisses in the living room between the two competitors

The two competitors of the GF Vip have attracted a lot of attention these days: they are getting closer and the kisses more and more intimate.

The house of the GF Vip invariably reserves us feelings and romantic twists every year. At the beginning of each new edition, almost the entire public can’t wait to see the first spark explode between two competitors to be able to get excited and dream a little with them.

GF Vip competitors unmissable scene (Credits: Grande Fratello Mediaset)

Although the current season of the historic Canale 5 reality show so far has shown several difficult and sometimes unpleasant moments, first of all the Bellavia case, Cupid lurks and is ready to shoot his most unexpected arrows. The one, for example, that he made invaghire Elenoire Ferruzzi by Luca Salatino hit quite early, after a few days from the start of the program.

This infatuation, however, has generated great disappointment due to the accusations made against the young cook by the very blond competitor. Many of her did not in fact share her accusing Luca of having deluded her on a sentimental level. However, there are some attractions in the house that weren’t evident right away, but that are making a lot of talk in recent days.

Everyone noticed the particular understanding between two Vipponi which, it seems, are getting closer and closer.

GF Vip, kisses and ever more sensational effusions: what happened in the last hours

For sure you have noticed or at least you have seen it in the episode last Thursday, which for a few days between Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria the bond is getting tighter and tighter. A novelty that not many expected, given that the young face of Forum so far he had been quite enterprising in general and gave the impression that he did not want to concentrate on any one in particular.

In fact, he initially seemed to lean towards Giaele De Donà to which he often practiced foot massages and dedicated other special attention. Moreover, just a couple of days ago also the beautifulAlberto De Pisis he clearly confessed his interest in his adventure companion. After all, by making her joking about her, Donnamaria has not given up even exchanging a kiss with him in the garden during one of the last parties.

However, there is another ‘prey’ for the 28-year-old who seems to reciprocate his attentions. We are talking about the beautiful Antonella, with whom there seems to be really tender. The topic was also covered by Alfonso Signorini in episode, but the girl does not seem to trust Edoardo completely yet. However, the latter pointed out that for some days he has changed his attitude with the others in her house to dedicate himself to getting to know her. Last night, the two were joking in the living room and with the excuse of playing with the Mikado, their kisses got a little more intimate. until you touch your lips.

GF Vip kisses
GF Vip all speechless (Credits: Instagram)

Will it be just the first of the twists that this possible couple reserves for us?