GF Vip, the competitor retires: he officially leaves the game

In these minutes the official announcement on the social page of the GF Vip has arrived: the competitor withdraws to the amazement of the public.

The GF Vip it has always been the most social program ever and the dynamics that animate the house are commented on by thousands and thousands of Internet users. The current edition seemed immediately full of ideas and ‘meat on the fire’ and, as happened in past years, not always in the positive.

GF Vip abandons the program (Credits: Grande Fratello Mediaset)

As you go forward and more situations occur, it is common for viewers to get a clearer idea of ​​the personality of the various competitors and express their preference for one or the other. These first evening episodes aired on Canale 5 have already offered various topics to discuss.

It started with the fierce quarrel between Elenoire Ferruzzi and Luca Salatino, then there was the issue of HIV positivity addressed by Giovanni Ciacci. In short, although the seventh edition started not even two weeks ago, the interesting themes were certainly not lacking.

GF Vip, the competitor has decided: he retires

Then there was another story that greatly shocked public opinion. During the last episode of Thursday 29, almost all the ‘Vipponi’ have nominated Marco Bellavia. Already in the previous days there was a certain intolerance towards the former conductor of Bim Bum Bam by his roommates who, during the live broadcast of Canale 5, literally hurled themselves against him. Accused of wanting to be nice at all costs, Marco was excluded and marginalized by most of the group.

Even Alfonso Signorini at the end of the episode felt compelled to launch an appeal to the public for Bellavia, who ended up in televoting together with Giovanni Ciacci and Giaele De Donà. On social media, a real mobilization for the competitor was unleashed: several well-known personalities, including Guenda Goria, Giulia Salemthe, Stefania Orlando And Cristina D’Avena (with whom Bellavia worked for a long time between the 80s and 90s) intervened in his favor, publicly condemning the offensive expressions used against him by some of his comrades.

Except for Luca Salatino and Antonella Fiordelisi, almost everyone seems to have remained indifferent to the request for help launched by Marco in the episode. Unfortunately, the former host of many children’s programs has decided to leave the GF Vip. He announced the same account of the program specifying that the televoting has been canceled and that the sms sent will be refunded.

Competitor GF Vip withdraws
GF Vip shock announcement (Credits: Instagram)

What do you think of Marco’s choice?