GF Vip, the emotional breakdown: competitor can’t take it anymore and bursts into tears

GF Vip, it happened immediately after the episode of Thursday 16 March: he has a strong emotional breakdown and cannot hold back the tears.

The seventh edition of Big Brother Vip is coming to an end. The final will be held on April 3 and we will find out who among the competitors will triumph. At the moment the possible winners are different, and the audience is divided between several reality characters. We speak in particular of three people. In fact, there are those who would like Edoardo Tavassi to win, others Oriana Marzoli or Nikita Pelizon and many Antonella Fiordelisi instead.

GF Vip, emotional breakdown after the episode: what happened (credits: mediaset play) sologossip

The latter, since the program debuted in September, has carried it forward as a true protagonist. However, not all viewers like her attitude and for this reason, in recent months, she has received kind words but also many criticisms. In the last episodes we discovered the name of the first finalist: Oriana got the better of Antonella and is thus already in the final.

The same happened in the episode of Thursday March 16, 2023, where we learned about the second finalist. This time it was Micol Incorvaia who accessed the last live broadcast. At the end of the recording, however, someone had an emotional breakdown so much that I can’t hold back the tears.

GF Vip, after the episode has an emotional breakdown: competitor bursts into tears

It ended a few hours ago the episode of Big Brother Vip. We discovered the name of the second finalist: Micol Incorvaia. Immediately afterwards, however, during the night, a competitor, faced with what happened and also due to the pressure of all these months, had a strong collapse. Antonella vented to Nikita Pelizon saying that she made a journey alone and that she did not receive any support.

The young woman crying said: “It was more difficult for me… I’ve never had an accomplice, even Edoardo has always been on their side”. Confronting the model, he explained that even Donnamaria didn’t always support her and only her parents know what she really is like. He added that she feels Pelizon understands why she somehow experiences the same situations as her:You experience the same things that I experience here, with people insulting you, the whole group enjoying, feeling strong”.

gf vip collapse after live
GF Vip, the competitor has an emotional breakdown after the live (credits: mediaset play) sologossip

After these words, her confidante tried to support her and encourage her not to throw away the months spent at home. She urged her not to give up at the very end, saying that if other people got more votes, she got just as many: “It’s not like you haven’t caught one at all. You have given so much.” Apparently, after the episode, Antonella had an emotional breakdown and found a shoulder to cry on in Nikita.