Gf Vip, the former competitor has found love again: great joy for her

GF Vip, after the experience in the very popular reality show, the former competitor has found love: immense joy for her, she came out into the open

The new edition of the Big Brother Vip is more awaited than ever and the great return to our screens is now shortly after. Over the past editions, the VIP ones, we have seen the house of the very popular reality show crowded with beloved faces from the entertainment world. The former competitor in question had entered the house with a sentimental situation that seemed to be flourishing but after some time from participating in the reality show, the two took different paths. However today, she seems to have found love again.

He found love after the GF Vip (Credits: Facebook)

To the Big Brother Vip we got to know better characters and faces known to the entertainment world who in front of the reality cameras got naked and showed themselves in all respects. There is a few weeks left to the beginning of the new edition of the reality show, and we do not yet know the cast of competitors that Alfonso Signorini would have gathered for this singular adventure in the fateful house.

However, it is the life of the former competitors that teems with news. There are those who are married and those who unfortunately have put an end to their love story and still those who, after having closed their relationship today has finally found love again. After the GF Vip, finally today the former competitor is happy again.

GF Vip, after the reality show has found love: the former competitor is in seventh heaven

A reality show known and followed as Big Brother Vip, puts the spotlight on him. After the end of the GF Vipin its fifth Vip edition which saw the winner Tommaso Zorzi, Matilde Brandi put an end to the history oflove. The relationship with Marco Costantini, father of the showgirl’s daughters, Aurora and Sofia, has come to an end. After 17 years of relationship, the two have gone their separate ways. However, after the relationship ended, some time passed before Matilde Brandi found love and opened her heart to someone else. But then something happened and it would seem that someone else is now in the life of the beloved showgirl. It is with Instagram stories from her official profile that Matilde Brandi would have come out in the open, or almost, publicly.

Happy, smiling, carefree, Matilde Brandi would seem to be in love again. We do not know who the man who made the heart of the former GF Vip competitor beat again, the shot published a few days ago in his ig stories, saw the dancer kissing a man whose identity is, however, hidden by a sticker a heart shape covering his face.

love gf vip
Matilde Brandi (Credits: Instagram)

We will have to wait a little longer before we know the identity that lies behind the mysterious love of the dancer and TV presenter.