GF Vip, “The pain does not go away but creates enormous scars”: the shocking story

GF Vip, a very strong story arrived on live TV: “The pain does not go away but creates enormous scars”.

The Big brother Vip in the last episodes he has dealt extensively with the issue of bullying against Marco Bellavia. The latter quit the game after having repeatedly made it clear that he needed the help of others to move forward. Help that he did not find, indeed, many competitors showed only indifference.

GF Vip story (credits: mediaset play)

The mental coach has thus left the game. He first sent a letter to the house and then a video. Signorini has made it known that in the next episodes she could be in the studio making some unexpected statements and she could also cross the red door to have a confrontation with her former roommates. In the same episode we also saw the return of Ginevra Lamborghini. She was disqualified for saying ‘she deserves to be bullied’. She sentence that she caused everyone’s indignation. Antonino had asked for her several times and there was this surprise.

During these broadcasts there have been many and there have also been some stories that have left the audience speechless.

GF Vip, “The pain does not go away creates huge scars”: the story live on TV

The episodes of GF Vip are full of dynamics, between quarrels and issues to talk about. The speech involving Marco Bellavia has been dealt with several times. The former competitor has sent a letter to the house the past few times and a video. The conductor then made it known that in the next direct he could be present. A presence that would see him meet his former roommates, those who did not have the interest he deserved when he was at stake.

Among the many surprises faced in recent weeks there was also the one for Elenoire Ferruzzi, with the arrival of his mother Giovanna, in a direct precedent. Alfonso initially showed her in the led room some pictures of her from her childhood when she was Massimo and when asked: “What child was he? “, he replied that he was very isolated, he played alone and that some teammates remembers them aggressively. The competitor has never hidden that she has suffered a lot, as a trans woman, in love. Now she says she no longer hopes for it because things have always gone the way she didn’t want them to. Then came the moment of her surprise, her mother was in the garden and sent her a message:

gf vip elenoire
Confession Elenoire (credits: mediaset play)

“But are you in love with Luca? He has a girlfriend outside, you’ll see that love will come for you too. I always went to defend her even when they bullied her “the woman said. Elenoire, on the other hand, had previously said that her mother is a woman who has always accompanied her, taken by the hand on a path made of suffering: “The pain has always been a lot, it doesn’t go away, it creates huge scars”.