GF Vip, “This thing makes me turn the p ****”: the tones light up after the nominations

As almost always happens after the nominations, at the GF Vip yet another quarrel between two competitors is unleashed: it happened after the episode.

To animate the morning of the Vipponi after the last live broadcast on Canale 5 on Friday 19 November, there is still a dispute over what happened during the nominations.

GF Vip, “This thing makes me turn my bitches”: the tones warm up after the nominations (Mediaset Infinity)

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A moment of the episode that, this year in particular, is almost always generating several conflicts in home. Sometimes thanks to the immunity of some competitors, others are often forced to vote by exclusion, perhaps catching one of the roommates off guard.

The nominees who clash on televoting this week are Soleil, Gianmaria and Carmen Russo. The latter was the protagonist of a discussion in the garden with Manila Nazzaro whose behavior he openly criticized. The former Miss Italy in fact nominated her thus sending her at risk of elimination.

“If I had nominated Manila like this last night, just by exclusion, she too would have entered the nomination. I really wouldn’t have named her. The day before she had told me ‘You are an example’. I never expected it, but it’s part of the game, ”Carmen said, letting off steam Miriana.

Nazzaro, who had picked up something, asked the ex-girlfriend of Non è la Rai to confirm that Carmen was talking about her. The dancer then asked her directly for an explanation of her gesture and one of the two broke out discussion.

GF Vip, Carmen attacks Manila after the nominations: the former Miss Italy defends herself

“The motivation is that there was a group of people and for each of them there is a very important relationship for me – he replied Manila – Not because he has no relationship with you, but because you have experienced it personally? Even when the Raffaella thing happened, you barely said hello to me. I go further, if you had nominated me yesterday with the same motivation, I would not have taken it ”.

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According to gieffina, it is wrong to feel bad about a nomination because the relationship between two people goes beyond the game: “What does the fact that I respect you and vote you mean? To me this thing really makes the bitches spin. ” There Nazzaro claimed to have nothing against the roommate and asked her to speak directly with her rather than with Miriana.

For his part, Camen Russo underlined: “I was surprised because in the six or seven that we were there you chose me and I felt bad for a little, stop. […] You can see that your motivations are a bit like that if everyone tells you so “.

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GF Vip after the nominations
Photo source: Mediaset Infinity

What do you think? Do you think Russo will take revenge sooner or later?