GF Vip, tonight the final: after 197 days in 7 to compete for 100,000 euros

In 7 to compete for the prize money of 100,000 euros

After 197 days today, Monday 3 April, the final of the week’s edition of Big Brother Vip will be broadcast. The Canale 5 reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, supported in the studio by commentators Orietta Berti and Sonia Bruganelli and by social media expert Giulia Salemi. It was last September 19th when the door of the most watched house in Italy opened to kick off the new edition, and it will close this evening, after 45 prime time episodes – which enthralled the audience (about 21% of media share) – and hosted 35 contestants.

Seven remained to compete for victory and the prize money of 100,000 euros (half of which to be donated to charity): Oriana Marzoli, Micol Incorvaia, Giaele De Donà, Edoardo Tavassi and Nikita Pelizon, already proclaimed finalists in the last few episodes, and who between Milena Miconi and Alberto De Pisis will overcome the last televoting, still in progress.

The first to win the final was Oriana Marzoli who entered the Casa in the reality show that began on November 3rd. An explosion of energy and fun, Oriana is an influencer of Venezuelan origins, a veteran of the reality genre, at an international level. The second was Micol Incorvaia, sister of Clizia, also a competitor in the reality show, in the fourth Vip edition. Micol entered the episode of 3 November and in recent months she has found love in the House (just as happened to her sister, who fell in love with Paolo Ciavarro in the House and today the two are parents of a child): she got engaged to Edoardo Tavassi, also entered on 3 November and also a finalist, former competitor of L’Isola dei Famosi and brother of Guendalina (competitor of GF11). Already in the final also Giaele De Donà, entered in the second kick off, last September 23rd. She is a model, Giaele is married to a 45-year-old American entrepreneur, with whom she, entering the reality show, had confessed to having an open relationship. The last one to win the final was Nikita Pelizon, a model with various TV participations in programs and reality shows, who entered the House during the first episode on 19 September.

Finally, Milena Miconi and Alberto De Pisis are contending for the final place. Alberto, television commentator and well-known face in the world of showbusiness, like Nikita has been at home since 19 September. While Milena, actress and showgirl, entered a reality show in progress on December 12, sure of being eliminated in a very short time, however, day after day, week after week, she has become a point of reference for many competitors in the House. Alberto and Milena are still in televoting and only tonight, during the final, will they find out who will join the other five finalists.

Tonight, with the election of the winner, the longest ever edition of the reality show will end: 197 days (last year it was 183, like for GF11), for a total of 4,728 hours of live television. Almost seven months in which, in the House, friendships, loves, sympathy were born, discussions, arguments and peace were made, just as happens in everyday life. Because, as the conductor himself, Alfonso Signorini, often repeats, after all, the Casa di GFVip “is a house among houses”.