GF Vip, twist between Edoardo and Alberto: a sensational sentence appears

GF Vip, twist between Edoardo and Alberto: a sensational sentence appears; the confession after the episode.

A new love triangle is about to be born in the house of the GF Vip? The feeling born between Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria seems to grow more and more, despite the Salerno not hiding some perplexities. Is the face of Forum really interested in her or is she just a strategy to gain visibility?

Edoardo and Alberto (Credits Mediaset Play)

In the midst of all these doubts, then, there is also the ‘third wheel’. Alberto De Pisis he never hid his interest in Edoardo, with whom he created a nice relationship of complicity. Simple friendship? For Donnamaria it seems so and she clarified it yesterday too, during the live broadcast: Edoardo clarified that, having understood that there is something more on Alberto’s part, he will limit himself to jokes. A ‘pole’, as Alfonso Signorini defined it, but after the episode something unexpected happened

GF Vip, Alberto’s confession about Edoardo comes after the episode

“I didn’t know any of this. I joke if the person is willing to joke, but from the moment I know that there is a feeling on the other side, maybe I contain myself. I wouldn’t do anything to put you in trouble ”. These are the words of Edoardo Donnamaria, during yesterday’s live broadcast. The competitor of the GF Vip wanted us to clarify his position towards Alberto De Pisis, reiterating that he is very interested in Antonella Fiordelisi. For Edoardo, in short, with Alberto there was only a relationship based on the joke, but the latter let himself go some confessions that have not gone unnoticed …

As reports, after the episode Alberto chatted with Antonella, revealing that Edoardo has somehow fueled his interest: “He gave me a way to bond, but it’s not just the kiss, it was how he looked at me and more. I really like it, I’m not kidding ”. These are the words of De Pisis, who however explained to her friend that she does not want to be in any way an obstacle to their acquaintance, despite the fact that he is very busy with Edoardo, as had not happened for a long time. Edoardo who, yesterday, would have asked Alberto a decidedly ‘intimate’ question, when no one could listen to them.

“This afternoon when they didn’t hear us, he told me “Do you like me sexually? would you like s ****** with me? “ Look it’s true, he asked me, it’s registered“Declared Alberto, as reported by A question to which De Pisis replied no, not because he was not attracted, but because he feels more emotionally and mentally tied to Edoardo than anything else.

gf vip edoardo alberto
Antonella and Alberto (Credits Mediaset Play)

A confession that could not go unnoticed, that of Alberto. Will Antonella change her mind about Edoardo or will the two continue to know each other in the house? We just have to wait for the next twists!